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The Cast (4/03/07)

Moved from a [still existing] post of 2/24/04, to a more managable location. This page will be updated as needed.

Silver Blue: Me. My moniker was given to me in 1990 by KPB, a fellow I consider my brother (I’m an only child).

Johnny & Carol: My parents, normally called “Dad & Mom”.

Roxette Bunny™ : The cutest, truest, and sky bluest bunny in the blogsphere. Came into my life with infinite love in April 2003. Her blog is at Roxettebunny.mu.nu

Tink: My housemate, whom I also work at CHK with. A great lady who is into crafts, Charmed, Buffy, and Celtic Music. Has her own blog here.

PoloRandy: My other housemate partner, who leads a more frantic life than I do. An accountant by trade, he directs music at Pembroke Manor UCC. He moved in to the Shenandoah Forester in November 2003.

Miss Evelyn & Mr. Bonnie: PoloRandy’s adoptive parents who live in Elizabeth City. Mr. Bonnie died in April 2005.

Miss Anna & Mr. Marshall: PoloRandy’s aunt and uncle who live next door to Miss Evelyn & Mr. Bonnie. Miss Anna is died of cancer on Christmas day, 2004.

TOC: PoloRandy’s sister.

Dawn: The dynamic blogger who runs Caterwauling. A sharp cookie. Mommy to “Maddie” and Kadi.

Maddie: The “daughter” of Dawn, winner of the “Cutest Pet in the Blogsphere” contest we held a while back.

Moonglow: One of my closest friends, who emails me awesome jokes, makes great iced tea, and is a welcome guest at all my parties.

Revog: The sister I never had. She used to live in Tidewater, VA, but now has moved back to New York (why, I’ll never know).

KPB: The brother I never had. We don’t talk more than once or twice a year, but I know he’s there for me, and I’m there for him. His nickname used to be “Blue Rider” from a sci-fi book. He gave me my moniker in 1990 after hearing the song and saying it reminded him of me.

Punchbuggy (formerly Manumbanump and/or Man of the Cloth): A friend of mine for several years. Former Pastor of a local church. Into fencing, martial arts, and candle making.

Limerick Man: A graduated Ph.D. studnet at CHK. A great, quick wit. Now in Kentucky.

Diamond Lil & JewelMan: Two very dear people to me who work at one of the best Jewelers in town, IHM Jewelers.

Neil Morse: Runs The Queue blog. An Accidental Lawyer. He didn’t ask for it, it just sorta happened.

Bone Collector: A genealogist who is talented in raising spirts (not that way) and resides at “Serenity on the Lake.” Mama to Sophie, Mollie & Libby. 🙂

Picture Lady & Household Name: Two ladies for whom I do various computer work, watch Survivor with, watch play tournament pool, and occasionally par-tay with (as in Halloween!)

Lady who Counts: A dynamic person I work with at CHK.

RadioMan: A good friend who’s part of the many dinner groups I’ve belonged to, who also happens to work in local radio. He’s personally responsible for getting me back in a studio for the first time in almost 20 years.

Keyed Up & Realtor Guy: A trained pianist and a relocation specialist. Also members of the various dinner groups I’ve belonged to.

OB/GYN: Obnoxious Bastard (who) Grates Your Nerves. A man who I’ve known for almost 18 years who is allergic to everything, including life. Does things for shock value, and basically to draw attention to himself.

CoffeeMate: A grad student at CHK whom I have SBux coffee with on a weekly basis; great guy who has a background in Physical Training, and my old stomping ground of W&M.

Angel With a Camera: Someone else I met at CHK, who enjoys taking photographs as much as I do. A quick wit, as well.

Ice Queen’s Lady In Waiting: Another person I met at CHK, who really touches my heart when we talk. So named because she’s typically a “whipping boy” for everything that could go wrong.

Susie: Someone who inspires me daily with her wit, her humor, and her neverending ability to make me smile. She runs Practical Penumbra.

Bill: The first “blog” I ever read (other than RuPaul’s — you two fight it out to see who was my first). He used to run Bloviating Inanities.

and finally,

Madfish Willie, who serves as bartender.

Other players sometimes include Pixy Misa (who also runs Munuviana, where Roxette Bunny™ has her blog). LeeAnn provides hors d’oeuvres from time to time — sadly she closed “The Cheese Stands Alone” after a long and award-winning run.

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