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04 Mar

The moment passed

We didn’n’t get the storm I expected, unless it came while I was asleep. One thing about me when I’m sick is that I sleep like I’ve been deprived for a week. The good news that was presented to me this week — they’re not closing the Krispe Kreme in Hampton. Now, I don’t know […]

04 Mar

And the outside “sharpens”

Ever notice that just before a storm everything seems to “sharpen”, like the extra moisture in the air acts like a magnifying glass? Tha’ts what’s going on right now. I woke from my nap and made a grilled cheese, and looked out othe window to notice it. I’ve seen it before a major snowstorm, the […]

26 Feb

And Windy is Freezing Cold

she blows hard and kills all the old… I’m down on the sofa and the wind continues to blow the hell out of things, as it’s been doing all day today. The main difference is that now it is 33 degrees, so it’s almost frozen air that’s moving around out there. It’s already blown the […]

21 Feb

Good Morning Everyone!

We’ve got a rainstorm rolling in and boy can I tell. Sinus pressure from hell, but it’s not going to ruin my day. 🙂 10 hours of sleep can be a wonderful thing. Time to do some laundry, find something for breakfast, and get ready for whatever the day may bring. (I’m still working on […]

19 Feb

IF they’ve got it right

it’s almost going to be like summer today. Near 60 degrees. Woo-hoo! Going, going, going….guess it’s time to get to work….

18 Feb

Could the Weathermen

PLEASE get it together? No snow, no ice, nothing on the ground. After saying we’d accumulate about an inch. Dag nab it. I thought I would at least be able to get a load of laundry done before I had to go into work. But NOOOOOOOOOO. In other news, roads are clear, which means the […]

17 Feb

Was Puxatawney Phil Right?

We’re in for a wintery weather mix today, with the possibilty of accumulation of 1-3 inches. If they’ve predicted it correctly. THe problem is the mix that will fall during the day before the snow starts in earnest. That can cause an icy coating over the road for the snow to fall on. This evenings […]

11 Feb

Snow anyone?

Well, how accurate is the weather anyway? From listening to the mess online, we could get anywhere from a trace tonight to six inches. That sounds definitive. Well, off to work. Got a conference to attend. Talk to everyone tonight!

09 Jan

Snow, and Post 2000

Roads are slick thorughout Hampton Roads. So, while I type this, the 2000th entry to the blog, snow is still lightly coming down. First snow of the year. I had the tele on, and that barking moonbat, the mother of the killed 18-year old, was just on the news again saying she will not rest […]

11 Dec

Screwed again.

You know, there are times I enjoy getting screwed. This is NOT one of them. The HVAC guy came out just as planned this morning, which was a blessing. Once the water heater arrives, then all can go in place. So. I take the insurance checks to the bank to deposit them (after all, Im […]

03 Dec

It’s….COLD in here

Its’ 32 degrees outside, and 52 inside. Still trying desperately to find someone who won’t gouge with a furnce installation. I mean, if the boiler costs 2,000, why charge an additional 2,000 to install it? Because you know you can. Then, you don’t call when you say you will, you won’t answer your office phone… […]

19 Nov

And the rain comes down

Rain, wind, rain, wind, rain and more wind. That’s what we’ve got in store for today and tonight. Meanwhile, Roxette Bunny™ is in the car, watching the rain come down. She’s going to listen to the choir this evening. It’s been relatively quiet today. Kinda nice!

04 Nov

I’m being Blue Tarped

Strange that USAA didn’t say to get the house tarped. According to the roofers, I have a lot more exposed felt than I should to not be tarped. Of course, there’s no one responding to either the adjuster’s number or his supervisor, so… I’m going to let the company do this mess. I’m quite ill […]

16 Oct


SBA APPROVED MY LOAN! So…now I can get stuff going on the house!

09 Oct

SBA wastes not time

So the 4th person has come out to inspect the house. This one went rather quickly, all things considered. Mabye I’ll get something done soon!

02 Oct

Fall is CERTAINLY here

The air is crisp, if not downright chilly at 57 degrees. Mark it down, boys and girls. October 2, 2003, the first day of fall that I actually had to pull a jacket out and wear it. The sky is blue, the birds and squirrels were out and about today, USAA came by yesterday, I’m […]

01 Oct

Let’s Hear It For Thoroughness

USAA has been here since about 1:30 documenting, photographing, measuring the damage I’ve had to my house. It’s good, though, as I know that my house should get fixed. They’ve got part numbers, model numbers, measurements, etc. Anyone else need insurance after this? Bill? WindRider? Dawn? Ted? John-Boy? Trying to determine what I want to […]

29 Sep

Day 12

And getting old, faster than you can say “A”. No power. FEMA came out to inspect the damage on Saturday at 8am. They confirmed what I suspected: my water heater and furnace are history after being under water for 10 days (at that time). Lights are on up and down the street, but in our […]

26 Sep

You’re In Good Hands With AllState

AllState insurance reps are being told to not use the higher deductible for wind damage because this area did not meet the requirements of sustained high winds of 100 mph or more. Which would be great news for me, as my deductible is less for regular items. IF USAA is playing by the same rules […]

22 Sep

The final bit…

Sunday, September 21 at 4:05pm What an interesting weekend this has been. No power, no phone, no water. Yesterday, PoloRandy, Tink & I went down to Elizabeth City to try to get some work done at Bonnie & Evelyns. Tink and I went at it while PoloRandy went to pick up TOC. Upon arrival, however, […]

22 Sep


Daybreak, Friday, brought blue skies and breezes. PoloRandy had slept on the sofa, Tink in her room, and I collapsed in a side chair until 2 am, when I checked the basement to find we had about eight inches for the storm surge to come in before the basement (and crawl space) as a total […]

22 Sep

The Storm, Part Deux

3:25pm, Friday, September 19 Thinking back on the past 36 hours, we were very fortunately to not have any more damage than we did. I also consider myself a bonafied idiot. With wind gusts approaching 65 miles an hour, I ventured out an upstairs window onto my lower roof and, with the aid of a […]

22 Sep

The Storm Cometh, The Storm Goeth Away

11:15, September 19 Hurricane Isabel, a category 3 hurricane, blew through the Outer Banks and Southeastern Virginia yesterday.. Were all ok. PoloRandy came over on Wednesday evening and by midnight the first of the wind bands were making their way through the area (the first of the rain bands had started about 7 pm). Tink […]

18 Sep

Part of the Axis (of Isabel)

Thanks To Wind Rider for the info:

17 Sep

The first bands have Arrived

As Hurricane Isabel churns towards the North Carolina coast, the first of the outer rain bands has hit Virginia Beach. The skies are getting dark and the wind is picking up. I’ll continue to blog as long as I can, warning you all they are calling for us to be wihtout power starting sometime tomorrow […]

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