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17 Jul

Massive Heat.

Hot. Melting. Must remain in the safe coolness of the house. Man, it’s humid out there!

02 Feb

Just me and my shadow…

Happy Groundhog Day. And since P. Phil saw his shadow (and P. Miller is no longer on Dancing with the Stars, and P. Diddy is toning “Unforgivable”‘s ad campaign down), we’re due for six more weeks of winter. Not that it’s been like winter this year. One quick dusting of snow on MLK weekend, and […]

26 Jan

Why does Lysol have to smell so bad?

I’m talking about the liquid that you buy in the brown bottle to make mop water, cleaning fluid, etc. I know it disinfects, bit it also destroys your sinuses. Looks like I’m going to have to hose the house down with it, however, to keep this cold from being passed back and forth and back […]

14 Jan

She’s tryin, but it ain’t workin.

Mother Nature, that is. She’s blow, blow, blowing at the door. And the rain comes splash, splash, splashin’ down some more. (Give me Gin not to forget the s-s-s-sinner that I am, cos I’m only…. )* It’s 32 outside, it’s spittin’ rain, and it’s windy as hell. But no snow. Not that I’d want snow […]

05 Jan

Feel the wind blow…

MIAMI, Florida (AP) — Zeta again strengthened into a tropical storm Thursday and could break the record for the storm lasting the longest into January since record keeping began in 1851. Zeta, the 27th and final named storm in a tumultuous, record-breaking hurricane season that officially ended more than a month ago, had sustained winds […]

05 Dec

Mother Nature’s Raggin’

Instead of being nice and giving us fluffy snow, etc. Mother Nature’s decided to send us a little sleet, a lot of rain, and at the same time, she’s chosen to remove the brains of all the drivers on the road. Rain, of course, means it’s going to be slippery. Add a tiny bit of […]

01 Sep

Eerily Prophetic

Apparently, nothing matters until it matters…this was published June 6, 2005 New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers faces Cuts New Orleans CityBusiness, Jun 6, 2005 by Deon Roberts In fiscal year 2006, the New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is bracing for a record $71.2 million reduction […]

23 Mar

Of course!

I watered the plants last night, so of course mother nature was going to see fit to rain. Just like when you wash your car. Well, the plants can use the rain; with it being spring, everything needs a good watering. Just keep the hurricanes away from here, mmmkay?

19 Sep

it’s not the truth, however

I’m going to say that yesterday was blog free in honor of it being 1 year since Hurricane Isabel blew the town. From about 9:30 yesterday morning (a year ago) until 14 days later, we were without electricity and phone at the casa. The basement was flooded, it took another 3 months to get the […]

15 Sep

Let The Rain Come Down…*

Today, the heavens opened forth and gushed such torrents of rain that I was forced to check ye ol’ weather forecast to make sure Ivan hadn’t skipped over the US and landed on Tidewater. Not rain, not showers, full force flooding. Underpasses filled with water. Storm drains backed up. Why? You think we’d be better […]

13 Sep

Hurricane preparations

Thanks to Tink for passing this on. You all should be aware of hurricane preparations, but in case you need a refresher course: We’re about to enter the peak of the hurricane season. Any minute now, you’re going to turn on the TV and see a weather person pointing to some radar blob out in […]

07 Sep

Ready for your closeup?

Here’s “Tropical Depression Frances” (remember, all the flooding that happened in Virginia was caused by “Tropical Depression Gaston.”) All told, Frances is still rather shapely, considering her age. We need her to fall apart, however. We don’t need her crying over Virginia.

07 Sep

Stupid is as stupid does

This from the National Weather Service: a special weather statement that says… “if you hear thunder and you are outside, you may be struck by lightning”. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding.

28 Jul

I wonder what

the forecast is for today. Oh look. Rain. Surprise!

19 Jul

Seems like a pattern.

they’re calling for the potential of thunderstorms for this evening. Seems like the weather pattern is just about back to normal. 90 degrees during the day and sunny; afternoon thunderstorms. One thing I never fully understood — I know thunderstorms are clashes between High and Low pressure, and between warm and cool air. So I […]

29 May


Forecast: rain starting tomorrow, into Monday. Which means, yet again, we’ll have rain on Memorial Day. Mother Nature: Please get off the rag.

24 May

Summer must be here

Seems to be summer time, even though we’re not out of May yet. Highs are in the 90s, with showers and thundershowers in the afternoon. Roxette Bunny™ enjoyed the light show, however, and was hopping from window to window.

03 May

Rainy Days and Mondays

Outside, the rain is coming down in sheets. Inside, people are forgetting how to log on their computers. All par for a Monday, I assume, especially at the end of a term. Could someone tell me why I’m on a self-imposed dry spell? Could it be that I’d drink TOO much?

20 Apr

It’s 84…

degrees outside, and 80 inside. Can I take off this monkey suit now?

19 Apr

Who Opened The Gates of Hell?

Well, let’s see. It’s April 19. Right? (Checking calendar) Yep. April 19. It’s supposed to be 89 degrees today. WHAT? Well, again we’ve managed to NOT have a spring here in Hampton Roads. We’ve gone from 50-60 degree weather last week to the upper 80s. The rest of the week is supposed to be somewhere […]

17 Apr

The Sun Is Out!

Wow! There’s a warm, glowing orb in the sky! (Either the sun is out or we’ve had a nuclear disaster on the International Space Station). The Shenandoah Forester supposedly has a new roof. I’m going to take photos and hopefully will get a few uploaded today. How’s everyone’s weekend going?

30 Mar

We’ve Been Spoiled

with the weather. All last week it was nice and warm and sunny and in the 70s, while this week we’ve been waking up to temps in the low 40s and it’s not getting much warmer during the day. Brrr. But, March came in like a lamb, and appears to be going out like one […]

12 Mar

Oh The Horrors

Drama Queen shows the horrors of the weather in Australia.

10 Mar

Let the rain come down

They claim it’s 39 degrees outside, and if it hadn’t been evident the moisture falling was rain, I would swear it was below freezing. Jeez! By the time I got back from walking to the Chinese Restaurant, I felt I was going to have to build a fire to thaw out. It’s still spring break, […]

09 Mar

To breathe, per chance

Ok, so they’re calling for snow soon. Probably not much, but enough to make the sinus pressure caused by the weather unbearable. I feel like I’m just one giant nose. How’s everyone’s Tuesday going? Things are continuing apace here…hopefully I’ll be able to get out and read some interesting stuff soon, and have lots of […]

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