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10 Nov

When you know…

…that something is wrong with mankind, and government. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist says he is more concerned about the leak of information regarding secret CIA detention centers than activity in the prisons themselves. Frist was asked if that meant he was not concerned about investigating what goes on in detention centers. “I am not […]

06 Nov

If you’re not listening…

…then I’m not talking. That’s simple enough, isn’t it? Confidential to “Wears His Hind-Quarters On His Shoulders” If there’s a conversation between three people, and you’re only hearing what one person is saying, then no problem. I don’t need people like you in my life. As Glenn Close said in Fatal Attraction, “I won’t be […]

28 Oct

Never Again, Ever.

I’ve been nice to my last person. Every time I try to be nice, to go out of my way to do something for somebody to help them out, I get shat upon. It gets old. Real. Frickin’. Quick. To everyone who has been appreciative, thank you. No good deed goes unpunished, so… to everyone […]

27 Oct

On The Curve

I was talking to a friend the other day and the topic of “grade inflation” came up. This is something that really irritates me to no end. Why? Because we are rewarding individuals for work that they are not doing. A local university teaches military personnel. Are you aware that if those personnel are not […]

07 Oct

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

I’ve got it out for VDOT right now (that’s Virginia Department of Transportation — or lack thereof). Tink and I left work at 3 because I had a package to pick up at the Post office. We got caught in a traffic jam at the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. The radio was reporting that they […]

06 Oct

I rarely blog about this…

…especially since it relates to work, but dammit, I’m over a bunch of this petty crap, and it’s like a bubble — if you don’t let it out, it keeps growing and growing until you get an explosion. (1) Do NOT, under ANY circumstances Instant Message me telling me that a printer is saying “Paper […]

30 Sep

Hi, and welcome to the…

…Rachel Ray network. Is it just me, or does the Food Network seem to be turning into the Rachel Ray network? Not that I have anything against her (ok, the use of the word “Stoup”, always giggling after saying EVOO, and her incessant piling of junk to carry it to the table get on my […]

27 Sep

Why, oh tell my why

can’t ignorance be painful? Here’s two examples: (1) Client prints at 1 in the morning. Prints over 100 individual documents (they’re certificates and had to be printed in colour, so…), and about half way through, the printer jams…badly. There’s five individual certificates jammed in the rear of the printer. Does the client email me? No! […]

31 Aug

Time to Telecommute

It’s almost to the point where people are not going to be able to afford to go to work, even with carpooling! Expert: $4 a gallon gasoline coming soon Pricing analyst says consumers can expect even higher prices at the pump. August 31, 2005: 10:40 AM EDT By Grace Wong, CNN/Money staff writer NEW YORK […]

11 Jul

Free your mind

…and the rest will follow. This rant started off being written and rewritten because it was too caustic. As many of you know, I’m quite intolerant of intolerant people. Oxymoron? Perhaps. But still, the fact that people can be hateful, spiteful, mean, and manipulative pushes me beyond the line I’m willing to sit at. Over […]

30 Jun

Pay Attention.

Zeroes on schoolwork are a needed learning tool By KERRY DOUGHERTY, The Virginian-Pilot © June 30, 2005

29 Jun


Sorry guys, but had to post about this. When I was growing up, if you didn’t do your homework, and the teacher said “no late assignments will be accepted, except for excused absenses”, that meant just that. Since these days a zero doesn’t mean a zero, I think we should all go back and DEMAND […]

28 Jun

More ramblings

(1) What the HELL is going on with Tom Cruise? Have you lost what little mind you have? To tell the world there is “no such thing as a chemical imbalance” and that “we don’t know psychiatry like he does”… excuse me, but where is the scientific Ph.D. research and degrees to prove you have […]

28 Jun

Today will be asounder

With rants and things I wish I could say to people, but for various reasons, can’t. So they’ll be put here without names. (1) If you’ve been on vacation, and know you’re going to be moving offices, and have spoken to me — think back on our conversation. If I tell you I’ll have a […]

06 Jun

An Off-Site Rant

On one of the mailing lists I read, this was posted. The person who posted it normally isn’t controversial — but the words got me thinking, so I put them here for you to read as well. While I don’t agree with the post in its entirity, I do appreciate enough of the “combination of […]

03 Jun

Where to lay the blame.

Stop for a minute and think. With everything that’s going wrong in the world and in life, where should we lay the blame? Do we lay it on the President? On Congress/Senate? On the ACLU? On the Right Wingers? On the Leftists? On the Communists? Democrats? Republicans? Racists? Immigrants? Illegal Aliens? Illiterate? Latch-key Kids? Products […]

31 May

Inside My Head

It’s been a long day, but I can’t just go off and not post. After all, I have you three all my readers to think about. (1) Hot chicken fat does not feel good when applied to the palm of the hand. Decided to use the grill pan and grill up some delicious chicken thighs. […]

20 May


Liberal and Conservative alike need to be VERY frightened over this bill, which somehow didn’t get wide air time in the so called “liberal” media, since everyone is so damn concerned that the “nuclear option” may be used to change centuries old Senate rules, thereby really upsetting checks and balances. Senate passes bill creating electronic […]

19 May

The rest of the story is???

OK, I guess I’m missing something here. MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) — A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school announced her own name and walked across the stage anyway at the close of the program. “I worked hard throughout high school and I wanted to walk with my class,” […]

11 May

Leopards Don’t Change Their Spots

Well, my heart goes out to PR at this time… not only is he still in the grieving process from losing his dad when his sister (TOC, for those who are keeping record) decides to show her ass once again and, instead of keeping up her end of the bargain, decides to start balking at […]

11 May

Save Yourself.

Revog (who is back, by the way) takes on the rhetoric of life. I’m reminded of a line from “Scrooged”… where Frank tells Claire (before being visited by the three ghosts) “I’m gonna give you a little advice Claire. Scrape ’em off. You wanna save somebody? Save yourself. ” After being visited by the ghosts, […]

05 May

Greedy Piggies

You know I mentioned the increase in assessments in a post this morning. ASSESSMENT HISTORY DATE 07/01/2004 07/01/2003 07/01/2002 07/01/2001 07/01/2000 CHANGE REASON Reassess Reassess Reassess Reassess Reassess LAND VALUE 25100 23500 20400 19800 18900 IMPROVEMENT VALUE 73500 68900 65300 63400 61600 TOTAL VALUE 98600 (+6.7%) 92400 (+7.81%) 85700 (+2.917%) 83200 (+3.35%) 80500 Now… 98600 […]

03 May

Yeah, right. Let’s Just SUE.

Mommy! They didn’t pick me! (Hell, life isn’t fair twit!) I didn’t get picked for sports teams either. Did my parents or I contemplate lawsuits? Hell no. Life’s just that way. Except for this person. Student sues, left off volleyball team

28 Apr

They say you can’t go back

To those who may have found my blog through seach engines, etc. etc. I know my family reads my blog. A great number of my friends read the blog. In fact, even a couple coworkers read the blog. So, it’s really not like I have anything to hide by posting here. Everyone knows I’m a […]

26 Apr

Various Thoughts (Part Whatever)

Other things going through my head: (1) I was just given an awesome geek toy: a remote controlled power fan called “Blizzard” by Holmes Group, Inc. Everyone should have one of these. They’re freekin’ awesome. (2) Someone IM’d me, wanting to know what Mars meeting Uranus means. I told them simply it means to “get […]

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