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15 Mar

I am ashamed of the way…

…my government treats those who fought to preserve our freedom. I know from Caterwauling the damage that was done that took her Grandfather from her too soon. I know the bullshit that is going on with my own father. Then there’s this, from CNN: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 VA hospital turned away suicidal vet, family […]

12 Nov

Please step off the planet!

There was an article in the paper today (Daily Press, “The Good Life” Section) where a reader wrote in about her dissatisfaction with a smoothie from a local restaurant. It was for a Mango smoothie, and she wrote “the smoothie called for milk. I don’t drink milk, so I substituted orange juice. It wasn’t good.” […]

18 Oct

I’ve got an even better idea!

According to CNN, some schools are banning playing tag out of fear of injury where the school would be held liable. I’ve got an even better idea. Why don’t we take the babies, fresh out of the womb, and place them in a hermetically sealed house. They’re not allowed to leave the house for any […]

28 Sep

A different outlook towards helping people.

While I won’t go as far as to say “go stuff it up your bum sideways,” I’ve had to take on a new philosophy on trying to help people when they ask. Listen to me well: I do not take kindly to being called a liar. I don’t do “prima donna” attitudes well. I don’t […]

25 Sep

What is wrong with this world?

Lachlan has a post about a real estate contract that IMHO shouldn’t go through. There are people who’ve reneged on contracts for reasons far less valid than this. My only hope is if the buyers insist on going through with the purchase, that the reception they receive the entire time they live there would make […]

21 Sep

Things that bug me today, Part I

It bugs me that we have to bring race or religion to play in every day matters. Miss Black America? Black Data Processing Associates? Jewish Defense League? We should be advanced enough, as Americans, to give to what benefits those who need it. God knows, if I started a United Caucasian College Fund, the NAACP […]

19 Jul

So, we shouldn’t be conserving.

I got hot under the collar when I read about this program. Actually, there was a lengthy article in the Daily Press (taken from the Chicago Tribune, also printed in the Kansas City Star), where Oregon is testing a program to abolish their gas tax and instead, charge drivers either 1.2 cents per mile driven […]

15 Jul


This rant’s been building in my head for a while. When did we, as a people, become so obsessed with life prolongation that we decided to damn the individual?

14 Jul

I *DESPISE* Eckerd Drug

Why? OK, as those who follow my blog and website know, I enjoy photography. A LOT. So, since I now work basically in the digital format, it makes things a lot cheaper, but a lot less “hands on.” There’s just something satisfying about having 4x6s in your hand fresh from the photo lab. Because I […]

30 Jun

Sick. Of. It.

I’m sorry, but I’ve gotten so effin tired of Democrats and Republicans bickering over differences in opinions at the cost of the average citizen. Both sides need to sit down and shut the hell up. Thanks to Republicans, the US is now running a record DEFICIT with no end in sight, and personal liberties are […]

27 Jun

Would you please SHUT THE HELL UP?

Tink and I were at lunch today and what to our ears should accost, but these two skinny heifers who were rambling on and on about everything. I mean, excuse me, do they require you to take a cow vow of silence at work so that you have to express your opinions about everything in […]

27 Jun

We’ve introduced a generation of idiots.

At CHK, we’re hiring for a Tech position (vacated by BBalldude). One of the requirements we put in is a Bachelor’s Degree with IT emphasis — since the person will be doing network security and administration, as well as PC install and maintenance, it seemed to be the proper thing — also approved by HR […]

20 Jun

I’m sure you’ve heard this

The news about a six year old boy who died when he “fell off a ferris wheel”. Now, I have some serious questions here: 1. What was the mother doing watching from the ground instead of being with her six-year old? 2. What was the child doing riding it by himself? I don’t give a […]

02 Mar

No kissing.

We’re gonna get screwed yet again. Not only are property values escalating through the roof at a time when salaries are not keeping up with the cost of living, we now have the wonderful ASSHATS in Richmond deciding that we need to put tolls on all the bridges and tunnels in this area. Let me […]

01 Feb

We have met the morons.

Not to beat a dead horse (boy, doesn’t it feel like it these days), but Dawn gives a final spin on the Tiff situation. In the comment section, Lurker Says: February 1st, 2006 at You and your friend seemed to have forgotten to mention that porn was made available to a child. Do you really […]

30 Jan

Another long and winding rant.

Stupid people should be barred from self-checkout lines. Tink and I went by Ghettoworld Wal-Mart this evening, one that normally isn’t Ghetto, to pick up groceries since I wanted to cook at home. By the time we gathered everything together, we figured, hey, We’ve 11 items. Let’s go through the self-checkout. We have no coupons […]

27 Jan

Just a thought

In our overly-litigious society…Lachlan makes a discovery. While we’re on that subject, how about the amount of time I spend in voice-directory hell, or better yet, I KNOW! I’ll sue for the amount of time I spend trying to make myself understood by outsource employees with names like “Yimmy” and “Bubba” (and you know damn […]

24 Jan

The long and winding…

…rant. Warning. Coarse language ahead. Several things have gotten my goat these days. They’ve been building up, and like a steam release valve, the blog is my release. (1) What in the HELL has gotten into drivers on the Interstate? Today I had three (count ’em, one, Two, THREE) drivers weaving in and out of […]

23 Jan

You want benefits? Screw it!

Lachlan has an interesting post regarding the Univeristy of Florida and the requirement to have sex for benefits. Let’s be honest here. I don’t want anyone in my bedroom, knowing if I do the naughty (well, it’s naughty if done right) or not. What about those people who are beyond sexual age? Or who are […]

23 Jan

Put a cork in it.

I was reading this week’s Portfolio where Ed Bacon from Virginia Beach is upset over the term “Seven Cities” being used to describe this area because it “takes elegant Virginia Beach and lumps it with six losers.” Let me remind you of something, Mr. Bacon. If it weren’t for the “six losers” Virginia Beach would […]

04 Jan

When Public Education Isn’t Free

California, of all places. Where the disparity of those who can pay for the “required” laptops and those who can’t is growing daily. Can’t afford to pay the almost $1,500? Sure, there’s aid available. If you’re willing to cough up your tax records and financial records to an organization that has no real need to access […]

07 Dec

Wednesday Rant

You know, this is the holiday season. Which means we’re supposed to be in a “giving spirit”, right? Well, I’m not. Personally, I’ve had it up to my ears with people who, for one reason or another, have their hands out and expect me to help them. I’m sorry, but I can only do but […]

05 Dec

Mother Nature’s Raggin’

Instead of being nice and giving us fluffy snow, etc. Mother Nature’s decided to send us a little sleet, a lot of rain, and at the same time, she’s chosen to remove the brains of all the drivers on the road. Rain, of course, means it’s going to be slippery. Add a tiny bit of […]

15 Nov


Have we, as a population, gone too far with political correctness? I would say so. From banning displays of anything porcine in UK Government office because “it might offend the Muslim community” to being carnivore bashers (a la PETA), I say it’s just time to live and let live. Now that Thanksgiving is upon us, […]

14 Nov

When Intelligence should matter

Ok, many of you (if not all of you) know that I work in the information technology field. Expounding on this morning’s mini-rant about clients who do not pay attention to emails, why, oh tell me WHY is it that some people actually opened their mouths today and actually said “oh, I read the email […]

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