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04 Jul

The Tuesday Ten™ 07-04-06

Independence Day style: 1. Are you celebrating Independence Day this year? 2. How do you celebrate, with a crowd or by yourself? 3. Are you having a cook out, going to a cook out, having a cook-in or going to a cook-in? 4. Will you be viewing fireworks or firing off some of your own? […]

27 Jun

The Tuesday Ten™ 06-27-06

Opposites Attract. 1. Would you rather suffer from narcolepsy or insomnia? 2. Which platform do you prefer, Apple or PC? 3. Would you rather watch a movie in the cinema or on DVD? 4. Would you rather eat in the dining room or in the restaurant? 5. Would you rather drive in the country or […]

20 Jun

The Tuesday Ten™ 06-20-06

Vacation Style! 1. Beach, Mountains, or foreign lands? 2. Plane, Bus, Train, Boat or Automobile? 3. Dining in, or dining out? 4. Camping, hotel, or staying with friends/relatives? 5. Museums, Shopping, or Siteseeing? 6. Getting up early or sleeping in late? 7. With friends/relatives, or by yourself? 8. To a familiar place, or somewhere you’ve […]

06 Jun

The Tuesday Ten™ 06-06-06 Style

Ignoring all the hoopla over 6-6-6, I’m taking a blogging slant this week: 1. Do you blog? 2. When did you start to blog? 3. Who encouraged you to blog? 4. What keeps you blogging? 5. What’s your favourite thing to blog about? 6. Would you recommend blogging to others? 7. What annoys you most […]

30 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-30-06

In honour of Tink, who just returned from holiday. 1. What was the best vacation you’ve ever taken? 2. Where’s your favourite vacation spot? 3. Plane, Train, or Automobile? 4. Have you ever been on a cruise? 5. Where would you like to visit that you’ve yet to go? 6. Who would you like to […]

23 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-23-06

Since I turned 37 on Sunday, we’ll call this one “The Birthday Edition”. 1. What was the best birthday you can remember having? 2. What is the best birthday present you’ve ever given? 3. Received? 4. How will you be/did you celebrate your birthday this year? 5. Balloons, flowers or card? 6. Do you mind […]

16 May

The Return of The Tuesday Ten™!

1. If the greatest gift you can give someone is time, what is the second greatest gift? 2. If you were to have an incident occur (accident, stroke) that would leave you unable to communicate and ambulate, would you want to be kept alive by any means necessary? 3. If it’s true that love decides […]

02 May

The Return of The Tuesday Ten™

1. Now that spring is here, what is your favourite thing to watch: the flora or the fauna? 2. What one food reminds you most of springtime? 3. Survivor or American Idol? 4. What’s your opinion on windfall taxes on Big Oil? 5. Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? 6. Who wrote the book […]

11 Apr

The Tuesday Ten™ – 04-11-06

Leave your answers in the comments section or on your own blog with a trackback here! Today’s Theme: Tastes Like… 1. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant? 2. What’s your favourite sit down restaurant? 3. Your favourite dish to order out? 4. You’re trapped away from the outside world. Somehow, you have abundant (non-ending) supplies […]

28 Mar

The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-28-06

Leave your answers in the comments section, or on your own blog with a trackback to this post. Musical Interlude… 1. How can you mend a broken heart? 2. Where would I be without IBM? 3. How can I be sure? 4. Who can I turn to if you turn away? 5. Who’s that girl […]

22 Mar

You Ask, I answer

Keith, over at Susskins Central Dispatch, asks: What physical malady/condition of yours do you wish you could magically reverse? Well, since you didn’t say “mental”, I’m going to have to say the weight that I’d gained via being so damn unhappy with the way my life turned out. I’m working on “non-magically” reversing it (having […]

21 Mar

The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-21-06

Leave your responses in the comments section or trackback from your own blog! 1. What is the most powerful human emotion? Why? 2. If you could talk to one person who is no longer in your life (either by moving or death) who would it be and why? 3. If you were awarded a year […]

14 Mar

The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-14-06

Today’s Tuesday Ten™ is a little thisa, a little thata. 1. Do you eat corned beef & cabbage on St. Paddy’s Day? 2. Do you drink green beer? 3. What’s your favourite holiday? 4. With spring on the way, describe the perfect day for you. 5. Mild or zesty? 6. If you were given a […]

07 Mar

The Tuesday Ten™ – 03-07-06

Favourites: 1. What’s your favourite dish to eat? 2. What’s your favourite dish to cook? 3. What’s your favourite restaurant? 4. Who’s your favourite movie star (male)? 5. Who’s your favourite movie star (female)? 6. Who’s your favourite musical performer (male)? 7. Who’s your favourite musical performer (female)? 8. Where’s your favourite place to shop? […]

28 Feb

The Tuesday Ten™ – Mardi Gras Style

Feel free to leave your answer in the comments or trackbacked from your own blog! 1. Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? How? 2. What about Ash Wednesday? 3. What does the season of Lent mean to you? 4. Do you find it ironic that there is a final night of “debauchery” before the 40 solem […]

21 Feb

The Tuesday Ten™ 02-21-06

Brought to you by Billy Joel’s “A Matter of Trust” 1. Once your trust in someone has been broken, how can it be restored? (Or can it?) 2. Why do you think people abuse the trust issue? 3. What is your opinion on “In God We Trust” being placed on money? Violation of Church and […]

14 Feb

The Tuesday Ten™ 02-14-06

Leave your answers in the comments section or on your own blog, linked back here! Valentine’s Day Style: 1. How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? 2. What would you prefer to receive on Valentine’s Day, roses & chocolate, stuffed plush animals, or… ? 3. Is Valentine’s Day just another commercial holiday designed to bilk the […]

07 Feb

The Tuesday Ten™ 02-07-06

The Tuesday Ten™ Today Tests “Theories” (how’s that for alliteration?): 1. Butterfly effect. Comprehensible scientific fact, or psychotic mumbo jumbo? (I’m NOT talking about the movie here, but something also known as the Chaos theory which attempts to explain the fact that complex and unpredictable results can and will occur in systems that are sensitive […]

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