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29 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-29-07

Last year, we talked about Vacations on the Tuesday Ten™ after Memorial Day. This year, we continue the theme, with new inquiries! 1. How many vacations do you take a year? 2. Where’s your dream vacation spot? 3. What’s your preferred mode of transportation? 4. What constitutes a vacation? 5. Name one place you’ve vacationed […]

15 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-15-07

Sickness. Leave your responses in the comments section or via trackback on your own blog! 1. Do you feel guilty using your sick days (calling in sick) when you really ARE too sick to work? 2. What makes you feel better when you’re ill? 3. Consider it’s the flu. What medicine helps knock it out […]

08 May

The Tuesday Ten™ 05-08-07

Inspired by Burying the Past, your wedding ring casket as seen over on Everything and Nothing. Leave your answers in the comments section, or on your own blog with a trackback here! 1. What’s the best reason for a divorce that you’ve heard? 2. The worst? 3. Is there a kinder, gentler way to end […]

01 May

The Tuesday Ten™

Well, just when you thought it was safe to consider it gone, I’ve decided to give it at least one more go. Leave your answers in the comments section, or on your own blog with a trackback here! “Opposites Attract” 1. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone? 2. What’s the nicest thing […]

12 Dec

The Tuesday Ten™ 12-12-06

Leave your responses in the comments section, or post to your blog and send a trackback. Christmas Shopping Edition. 1. Have you completed your shopping? 2. How many people do you buy for? 3. Do you take the easy way out and give gift cards/certficates and/or Cash? 4. Do you prefer to shop at megamarts […]

05 Dec

The Tuesday Ten ™ 12-05-06

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Edition. Leave your responses in the comments section, or post to your own blog with a link (trackback) here. 1. If you had to break up with someone you cared for, how would you do it? 2. What’s the most unceremoniously way you’ve been dumped? 3. Have you ever […]

21 Nov

The Tuesday Ten™ 11-21-06

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble Til You Wobble! Leave your responses in the comments section, or on your own blog with a trackback. 1. Are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? 2. Are you travelling for Thanksgiving? 3. What are you most thankful for over the past 12 months? 4. What are you most regretful for over the […]

14 Nov

The Tuesday Ten™ 11-14-06

Thanksgiving Pre-Game Edition. 1. Turkey, Ham, Tofu or ___? 2. What side dish can you not celebrate without? 3. What side dish makes you want to put it in another room, far, far from you? 4. What’s the fascination with the “green bean casserole”? 5. What’s your favourite type of dessert? 6. What’s the difference […]

07 Nov

The Tuesday Ten™ 11-07-06

The Tuesday Ten™ is on hiatus in honour of election day. Do your civic duty. Vote. The Tuesday Ten™ will return next week, 11-14-06.

24 Oct

The Tuesday Ten™ 10-24-06

Tradition Time! 1. Now that the holidays are upon us, what is your favourite tradition? 2. What tradition does your family/friends have which you consider to be the silliest? 3. When is it proper to start playing Holiday tunes? Pre or Post Halloween? 4. What is your favourite holiday? 5. Since the predictions for a […]

17 Oct

The Tuesday Ten™ 10-17-06

Halloween Style. 1. Do you dress up in costume/dress your children in costume for Halloween? 2. Do you throw/attend Halloween parties? 3. Do you feel that Halloween is a “Satanic Holiday,” or just a time to dress up and be silly? 4. What do you feel about parents who take their children around to get […]

10 Oct

The Tuesday Ten™ 10-10-06

Pre-Election Mess. 1. What is your opinion on all the negative campaign ads that are popping up? 2. Should issues such as family religious background play a part of campaigning? Should it really matter if someones Grandfather was Jewish? 3. How far does a error in judgment reach? If something happened 20 years ago, or […]

03 Oct

Reverse Tuesday Ten™

Sorry guys but, this week’s in reverse. Care to come up with the questions to these answers? (Ahh! jeopardy style!) 1. My back is still giving me fits. 2. Work is piling up. 3. Only 5 more paychecks until Christmas. 4. 7 more days until the sonogram. 5. Golden Rings. (sorry, couldn’t resist) 6. Printers […]

26 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-26-06

1. What’s your most favourite holiday? 2. Your least favourite? 3. What holiday is the most over rated? 4. The most under rated? 5. Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or none of the above? 6. Why do March, April, June, and August have no “you get the day off” holidays? 7. Do you have a favourite […]

19 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-19-06

Autumn Reflection Time (or for those in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring Reflection Time): 1. What’s your favourite memory about this time of year? 2. Consider where you live. Is there a transition period from hot to cold (or cold to hot), or does it happen quite rapidly? (Here in Hampton Roads, it’s normally summer one […]

12 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-12-06

Disjointed Musings Edition. 1. Is it possible to forgive and forget? 2. If a photograph of you is taken by a professional studio, that copyright belongs to the studio for 75 years. Shouldn’t there be an earlier out, like say after 10 years? I mean it is of you. 3. Why do some people fight […]

05 Sep

The Tuesday Ten™ 09-05-06

Anger Management Edition. 1. What really “burns your biscuits”? 2. How to you express your anger? 3. Does internalization of anger cause, in your opinion, health issues? 4. Can anger be beneficial? 5. If you say some things in anger and feel the need to apologize, do you? How? 6. If someone angers you and […]

29 Aug

You ask, I answer 8-29-06 Edition

Fritz asks: “Do you have insurance to protect your home and property from flood, fire, and other natural disasters?” I am not in a flood zone, so I don’t carry flood insurance (regardless of sump pump overflow, the half-basement doesn’t qualify for flood. Fire and Natural Disasters? You betcha. Replacement value of house contents and […]

29 Aug

The Tuesday Ten™ 08-29-06

Hurricane Katrina Memorial edition. 1. What was the worst natural disaster you’ve been in? 2. Do you have a disaster preparedness kit and plan? 3. Flash Fire, Flooding, Blizzard, Tornado, Earthquake, Hurricane … which would you least like to experience, and why? 4. Are natural disasters getting more powerful? 5. It’s said that those who […]

22 Aug

The Tuesday Ten™ 08-22-06

Ahh. Memories… 1. What’s your favourite occasion to think back on? 2. What’s your least-favourite occasion to be reminded of? 3. Have you ever been tempted to write a tell-all book? 4. How about your memoir? 5. How young is too young to write a memoir? 6. Why do you think that most tell-all books, […]

08 Aug

The Tuesday Ten™ 08-08-06

Collectible Style. 1. Do you collect anything currently? 2. What’s the strangest thing (in your opinion) that people collect? 3. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever collected? 4. What constitutes a “collection”? 5. How do you display your collection(s)? 6. Who has the largest collection of something that you know of, and what is it? […]

01 Aug

The Tuesday Ten™ 08-01-06

I’m a travellin’ man… 1. When you travel, do you prefer car, train, boat or airplane? 2. What’s the worst trip you’ve ever taken? 3. What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken? 4. Is commercial travel broken to the point where it cannot be fixed? 5. Why do you almost always land at Gate A1 […]

18 Jul

The Tuesday Ten™ 07-18-06

In honour of my wireless router that decided to die in the middle of the night (thanks Belkin!): 1. If you run a network in your home, is it wired or wireless? 2. Mac or PC? 3. What brand(s) of computing equipment do you REFUSE to use? Why? 4. Where do you purchase most of […]

15 Jul

Tink asks, I answer 7-15-06

“Where in Australia would you go?  Would you just go to Sydney or try some of the more obscure places?” Well, I’d want to hit Sydney, and on the other side, Perth. I’ve an affinity for Perth since the early 80s, when I found out one of my fave bands of the time, “Eurogliders” were […]

11 Jul

The Tuesday Ten™ 07-11-06

1. Now that summer is almost half over, have you done at least some of what you wished to do? 2. Has this summer been hotter or cooler than normal? 3. Wetter or drier? 4. How many get-togethers have you participated in? 5. How many vacations have you managed to take? (Weekend trips count here, […]

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