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12 Sep

Hate me if you want, Love me if you can.

Title from a song by Toby Keith. I had originally debated on moving the blog to a new address, allowing this one to sit until I deleted it. Then I considered: Why? Why would I go and rearrange my life, my hopes, my dreams, my fears… just because I felt something like this blog was […]

20 Aug

An important picture that found me.

‘Nuff Said.

11 Aug

TWTTEOSB™ 08-11-07

Saturday, in the park… you’d think it was… nah. Last night ended up being 90% sleepless. So much on my mind, I did everything I could to attempt to wear myself out short of firing up the Wii and bowling unitl my arm fell off. Tink had requested I make a CD for her to […]

22 Jul

TWTTEOSB 07-22-07

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, gentle readers of the Ramblings. Oh, sure, it’s now 3:29pm in the afternoon, but you know what? Time is irrelavant. I’ve learned that while we think of things (and time) moving in a linear path, it’s rarely that simple. As such, I feel the […]

20 Jul

TWTTEOSB 07-20-07

Today has been a heck of a day… it certainly didn’t turn out the way I had hoped (though dinner did. The chicken was rolled in hot sauce and pineapple juice before being tossed with breadcrumbs, and baked for 15-18 minutes [I think my oven must have been cooler than Coffeemate’s!]. Well, Grandma’s being released […]

19 Jul

IF you have broadband…

…and IF you really wondered what was in “The Book” but didn’t want to cough up the $12.40 for the PDF, or the $47.53 for the paperback, or the $60 for the hardcover, AND… ….if you have Flash installed. You might just have a treat. Since it’s a file of 77.6 MEG, however, make sure […]

12 Jul

TWTTEOSB 07-12-07

Oh, this is not a good evening. I told you it was gonna get heavy; little did I know how heavy it was going to be. Dad & Mom’s house got broken into today. Fortunately, they caught the three underage hoodlums, and eventually Mom and Dad will get their stuff back. As it were, however, […]

07 Jul

TWTTEOSB 07-07-07

Well, I can honestly say I know what I was doing at 07:07:07 on 07/07/07. I was in IM chat with a good friend of mine from northern Virginia. Tink and I went to the Farmer’s Market in Williamsburg today. Massive accident on the way up (thank God we weren’t involved in it) slowed everyone […]

22 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-22-07

I’m not sure exactly where this post is going to go, but I feel the need to get some things off my chest. I started writing the introduction to what I think I’ve decided on naming the 2009 supplement: “The Heart And Soul of Silver Blue” (which may not even be a supplement, but may […]

17 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-17-07

Father’s Day, 2007. Church was good (where were you, Bonecollector?) After which (and after finding that Tink had made it back safely), I zoomed over to Mom & Dad’s. I gave Dad my ship’s wheel clock that I bought myself for graduation 20 years ago. He’s lusted over that clock for YEARS, and it choked […]

12 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-12-07

I managed to stay the entire day at work today, even though my coughing kicked up this afternoon that I thought was going to take my breath away. Still… after that 10 minute period was over, I had a productive rest of the day. I’ll be giong to bed early tonight, I feel, just so […]

09 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-09-07

Well. I’ve spent the entire DAY under the quilt with my head pounding, unable to breathe much. Tink’s flight had to be rerouted and instead of coming in Norfolk just about now, she’s flying in Newport News and comes in 2 hours later. I’m sure she’ll fill you in on all the wonderful goodness she […]

04 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-04-07

Rejected title: This Ain’t The Jefferson’s, so why am I Wheezy? Whatever chest cold I’ve got, it’s kicking my butt. The meds only work for short periods of time and then GONE. Oh well, I’ll survive. The room is REALLY looking good. The ceiling is 75% done; in fact, we’re down to the last corner […]

27 May

TWTTEOSB 05-27-07

Well… (thanks to Moonglow for the photo) Went to church. PR went as a pew warmer (he did get up and direct the choir special), and after which, Player Piano, PR and I went to Long John Silver’s. As good as the food was, it wasn’t as good as I remembered it being. The grease […]

26 May

TWTTEOSB 05-26-07

I’m opening this edition with a few confidentials: * I’m sorry to have your break-up confirmed. You’re a great person, and even though it’s hard to believe, the right soul mate for you hasn’t come along. Let not your soul be troubled; you have friends who love you for who you are. Your intended will […]

25 May

TWTTEOSB 05-25-07

I found, while going through a box, a silver and blue lap blanket that I do believe was made for me by Moonglow as a housewarming gift. At least I think it came from her, as I don’t know anyone else who crochets except my mom, and I don’t think it came from her. I […]

23 May

TWTTEOSB 05-23-07

Evening everyone. Pull up a keyboard and relax. Maybe it’s me, but when I read the testimony from the Blondie who claimed the White House had had no conversations regarding the firing of lawyers, my first impression was “My God, tell me that everyone in power in DC isn’t a retard.” But then I recalled […]

14 May

TWTTEOSB 05-14-07

Pain. Between my shoulder blades. Congestion. From the neck up. Wooziness. All over the body. That describes why there was no blogging today, nor morning cawfee, nor cawfee with Coffeemate (dammit! He’s leaving for San Fran tomorrow!), but after sleeping for almost 18 hours, I can say I feel I must be past the worst […]

12 May

TWTTEOSB 05-12-07

Well, if ever I needed confirmation that I am indeed making changes to my body that I cannot really see, I was given it today, while going through my closet and weeding out clothes that I haven’t worn in years (even though technically they would have fit the “old” sized me. I came across a […]

04 May

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Yipes! Where has today gone? I can tell you. Other than the Doctor’s appointment, it was swallowed by cleaning up and out my room. I’m about 90% happy with it now, but it still needs work. The big thing is all the CDs. I need to buy a Jewel Chest to condense (and get rid […]

01 May

TWTTEOSB 05-01-07

Happy May Day every one. It’s hard for me to conceptualize that 2007 is almost 1/2 over. Where has the year gone? Where has my sanity gone? Where has.. oh, never mind. Today was a good day — the workout was good, and I pushed myself further then I thought I could make it on […]

22 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-22-07

A free day that I basically used as such. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do much, due to other obligations. As it were, Tink, her mom, PR & I went and celebrated at Peking restaurant, which still has the best Chinese food in the Hampton Roads area. Of course, I ate too much, and I’m […]

21 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-21-07

Afternoon everyone. How’s your weekend going? What a strange and wonderful day it’s been. Since we’ve last chatted, I’ve biked four miles, walked five miles, grocery shopped for the next week, made a wonderful smelling marinated chicken and vegetable salad (yeah, I actually used red wine vinegar, so I know Tink and PR are going […]

19 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-19-07

Yes, I just posted a password protected post. No, I am not giving anyone the password, so don’t even ask for it. I needed to get some things out of my system that were building up before they exploded. I’m better now, so everything’s going to be alright. Went over to the ‘rents house this […]

15 Apr

TWTTEOSB 04-15-07

What can I say this time, which card shall I play? Talk about an exciting, fun, frustrating, exhausting weekend. First off, two wonderful people I love from my church married each other after seven years. Their lovely five year old daughter was flower girl; the bride’s parents (both ordained, practicing UCC ministers) officiated the service. […]

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