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05 Apr

Can you tell a frog from a horse?

Well, can you? Moonglow showed me that I couldn’t.

14 Jun

A Deep Thought

Why does blood taste and smell metallic? Mind you, it’s just an observation, but an honest one, nonetheless.

06 Jun

Words to live by

Don’t be afraid that your life will end… …be afraid that it will never begin. found on the web.

16 Jan

Found On The Web

With all the talk of spiritual journeys, etc. Kyan Douglas provides theological insight By: Stephanie Miller When I heard Kyan Douglas was coming to speak at Loyola, I was so excited because I’m a huge fan of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” He’s my favorite on the show, partly because he is so gorgeous, […]

03 Mar

Even Though I TryÖ

ÖI canít let go. What is it about failed relationships that you canít entirely shake them? My Ex and I separated in 1999. He finally moved out in 2001. Iíve been in a much better, healthier, more loving relationship since December 2000. Why, then, do things still remind me of him? A song comes on, […]

24 Feb

Is it too early for a rant?

Ever had someone in your life that couldnít grasp the philosophy that ďjust because someone doesnít agree with me does not mean they are against me?Ē Tink and I were discussing this over a wonderful meal of Mongolian BBQ last evening, and how we have several people who feel that if you arenít 100% behind […]

15 Jan

Is it wrong to be a visit junkie?

Sitting back, recalling Tigerís post on hits versus posts, Iím trying to find a nice happy medium between being obsessed with my blog, and posting when I feel it relevant. I love looking at my hit meter and finding out that many people have been visiting. I enjoy getting comments (except for spammers) soÖ I […]

17 Jul

Final tip of the Hat to Rachel

Mookie Riffic Ever wonder why you don’t see stick people any more? Check this out.

17 Jul

Just when you think you’ve heard it all

Amish Tech Support has a great article on “way out there” marriage vows.

10 Jul

Mount Trashmore: Virginia; Stonehenge: Vagina.

Seems that those wonderful Canadians are at it again. This time, CNN reports that Stonehenge was originally a layout of female genitialia. The theory is laid out in a paper entitled “Stonehenge: a view from medicine” in the July issue of Britain’s Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Somehow, this doesn’t quite lead me […]

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