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21 Nov

Alliance Assignment

I travelled back in time to HERE to pluck this weeks Alliance Assignment. ENJOY!

13 Nov

Blog vote for best new blog

Visit here.

11 Nov

Evil Glenn’s Personal Ad

It’s creepy what you can find.

06 Nov

Alliance Assignment

Write a slogan for the United Nations: The UN: UNmotivated, UNapproachable, UNinformed… the UNGovernment!

03 Nov

Ode To Glenn Reynolds

To evil Glenn, what’s most divine? Hobo-bashing or purreeing canine? Blogging trash, treating his rash? Perhaps he’ll turn to eating feline! No my poem’s not obscene, every word is most properly clean… even those that I mutter, GETCHO MIND OUTTA DA GUTTER!

29 Oct

My Vote for Best New Blog

Goes to REVOG. (Hey Sis!)

27 Oct

Alliance Assignment

What lessons can we learn from the life of Ted Kennedy? That when your mistress tells you she thinks she’s pregnant, you can say “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”, but DO NOT TAKE IT LITERALLY!

24 Oct

New Filthy Lie

As requested. Evil Glenn’s Halloween Costume (shown with optional blender accessory):

24 Oct

Evil Glenn Lie

My God, I’ve found his Cookbook!!!!

23 Oct

New Blog Showcase

And my vote goes to….

22 Oct

Filthy Lie About Glenn “The Blender” Reynolds

I’ve heard he was somehow involved with running a “cat” house, but this proof picture says more than any lie ever told: View image

16 Oct

Alliance Assignment

The Assignment: We hate Michael Moore. Frank J. hates Michael Moore. Everybody hates Michael Moore, including his own mother. He wrote that Bowling for Columbine collection of lies, which received an Academy Award for “Best Documentary”. When he waddled up to take it, he made a rude speech about ficticious wars and ficticious presidents, when […]

15 Oct

Alliance Assignment

Evil Glenn’s PunchTagLine Instapundit: Where Glenn is Glenn and Puppies are Smoothies!

09 Oct

Final Thoughts

Wow! I just posted (the one before this one) my 1200th blog entry. Damn I’ve said a lot that had no substance. 🙂 As a final thought tonight, I close with yet another Alliance Photo. We’re secretly training the pups to take care of themselves should Evil Glenn come after them to blend them into […]

09 Oct

Finally, back ot the War Limericks

Evil Glenn’s got a tattoo Roxette Bunny™ saw it in the loo… of a catcher of hounds, with a mile wide frown, that was, before he started to poo. It’s true you watch what you eat, you make sure that the table is neat, for Evil Glenn’s soup, is full of foul goop, and you […]

09 Oct

Precision Guided Humour

The question I’d ask Jacques Chirac in a press conference is: Do the French worship the Eiffel Tower because of architecture, or because it is a phallic symbol for what they, themselves, are “short”-changed on?

08 Oct

Final Thought

Actually, this is another BLATENT LIE truth about Evil Glenn and his eating preferences. No, I did NOT make this graphic up. I found it on the web. It made me wanna lose my lunch. All I can say is if he offers you “P. Soup” don’t mistake it for Pea Soup. Nite!

08 Oct

It’s Campaign Time

And for everyone but California… signs are going up everywhere. I couldn’t believe the one I saw on the way home tonight, however, and almost swerved off the road. Look at this Photoshopic lie Evidence:

08 Oct

Alliance Assignment

I specifically recall seeing THIS tatoo on Evil Glenn’s arm: Guess he likes to advertise?

24 Sep

The Alliance Turns Serious

Frank J. has posted one of the best written posts regarding the REAL war (you know, the one in the Middle East. Take a moment to read it, to react to it. It’s proper to feel anger… dammit, our men and women serving their country are being forgotten.

24 Sep

Axis News!

Roxette Bunny™ has news of what Evil Glenn is reading these days. OH NO! Hoppings of Roxette Bunny: Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!!!!

13 Sep

Latest Alliance Intelligence

The Alliance has placed an assignment that I coudln’t pass up: What is Evil White Glenn’s favorite song and why? That’s easy: Puppy Love by Donny Osmond. I think all those smoothies has gone to his brain. 🙂

12 Sep

Looks Like Multi-Blog Rolls are coming

Thanks to the increase in the population against puppy multilation (The Alliance of Free Blogs) I’m going to have to go with multiple blogrolls in order to make sure everyone gets airtime on my blogroll. 🙂

08 Sep

Look Who Has…

…declared herself the “Official Mascot”! Guess she doesn’t have to do anything but link and be cute.

05 Sep

Today’s Limericks

Was havin a pinter, down at the pub, chattin’ up the blokes, watching the barback scrub, my ears were accosted, my sense of sanity was lost-ed, when on the stage came Culture Club. This Axis/Alliance War is dragging on, many wish both sides would just be gone, but for linkage and hits and a view […]

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