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10 Jun

A Flithy Lie

From The Alliance: How has Evil Glenn desecrated the Koran? Read for yourself!

02 Jun

Blogging for the Hateful

The Alliance of Free Blogs wants to know what a blog entry from a terrorist would look like: 2.6.04 My plan is working perfectly. First, destroy the morale of American Citizens by interrupting the voting on American Idol (which are nether, by the way), then by forcing them all to be glued to the screen […]

26 Mar

Glenn’s Time off?

We were assigned with defining what Evil Glenn Did on his time off. It should be obvious. He was doing stealth work to keep up with the puppies and hobos. How? Camoflauge is a wonderful thing. Roxette Bunny™ snapped this photo:

19 Mar

How Evil Glenn Spent St. Paddy’s Day

He spent it in search of the elusive Leprudog. Maker of the special smoothie. Here’s the only known photo of the dog, often claimed to be a hoax:

01 Mar

Alliance Assignment

As assigned here.

02 Feb

This is too Funny

Thanks to the Politburo Diktat (fortunately, I’m on in the deck)

17 Jan

New Blog Showcase

I was reminded of my voting duties. Go Here.

09 Jan

New Blog Showcase

This one is good. Metastasis.

08 Jan

Alliance Assignment

What was Evil Glenn doing at the Memphis Zoo at 2am? Well, it went like this: Crash! Boom! Bang! Evil Glenn thought he was as the Memphis Poutry Farm and was going to “choke the chickens”, but wound up at the zoo with his monkey spanked. He ended up being the cell bitch to a […]

02 Jan

Alliance Assignmnet

How will Evil Glenn be ringing in the new year? With this, decorated with three of his favourite puppies: View image

31 Dec

Alliance Assignment

What should we do to Saddam to get him to tell us everything he knows? Easy: Tell him either he informs us of all he knows, or we send him to where his 72 virginis await. (Showing him the attached photo helps greatly as well)

27 Dec

Vote for Best New Blog

Goes to “Spam Town” — anyone who can put a smile on my face while I’m sick — especially regarding a subject I hate! (Spam mail, not spam, the wonderful mystery meat.) Best of luck to you!

17 Dec

Blog Showcase Vote

Belief Seeking Understanding garners my vote.

17 Dec

Alliance Assignment

The question: What secret project is Evil Glenn working on? He’s actually working on his family tree, though it’s difficult because no one claims him. He was able to find, however, a photo of his mother. His father is so ugly no pictures have survived.

14 Dec

Vote for Best Blog

Here ya go, my vote!

09 Dec

Alliance Assignment

What was that final comment that made Evil Glenn snap? It was when he read this comment: View image

09 Dec

Alliance Assignment

What UN resolution(s) would you like to see passed? In order to maintain world peace, on January 1 of each and every year, the contents of Instapundint will be replaced with small flowers of peace, and all prior content will be destroyed. The Axis of Evil Naughty will, in short measure, no longer be a […]

09 Dec

Thinking of Joining Madfish Willie

with his Spnak Frnak routine. I mean, he doens’t have the full alliance listed on his blog, yet here I am fighting for him to overthrow the Axis of Evil Naughty. No Lanches coming my way, no comments, no Link-Luv™ (except from the ever-wonderful Susie)… ARRRGGHHH!!!! Still, the questions for my interview are due to […]

07 Dec

New Blog Showcase Vote

Could have sworn I did this already, but HERE is my vote.

03 Dec

Public Service Announcement

The Horrors! This just in: Evil Glenn’s got a new part time job! (Imagine appropriate music here: AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds…Done with SHEEP”)

02 Dec

Alliance Assignment

Entries in the Donktionary (be careful, I’m somewhat of a liberal) Anti-American: see Pro-French. Appeasement: An apartment made of peas. Bigotry: Reverse of littlotry. Censorship: To cause the removal of all boats and seagoing vessels from media. Conservative: Defintion censored to retain PG rating of blog. Diversity: To cause costs to go up due to […]

01 Dec

Evil Glenn’s Part Time Job

I thought everyone knew: It’s at the Pet & Sports Emporium. Where else to stock up canine and bash bats? Limericks will be back in due time. I’m in a block at the moment.

28 Nov

Go, and Read

This, my friends, is good reading.

28 Nov

Evil Glenn’s Thanksgiving Plans

(To the tune of “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine band) Canine, let’s get together Hobo bash, me and you And do the things Ah, do the things That we like to do Oh . . . Do the robot dance, bash a hobo’s head Blend pups tonight, Blend pups tonight Do the […]

24 Nov

Blogshowcase Vote

This one get my vote.

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