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27 Aug

Well, there’s some truth in it.

24 Aug

Remember….it starts with one!!

Regardless of whether or not this is a valid post, it should make you stop and think about what equality REALLY means. Many letters have been sent to the Valley News concerning the homosexual menace in Vermont. I am the mother of a gay son and I’ve taken enough from you good people. I’m tired […]

10 Apr

Enough, People.

The Virginian Pilot has printed an article about a Transgender opera singer. It pisses me off that one of the commenters (and you knew it was going to happen) stated it was an “abomination” … actually, the comment is: I agree, it’s an abomination! God does not make ‘mistakes’ & 4 Thomas to be born […]

06 Apr

The value of 51 cents

Think you know the value of 51 cents? It has cost some people their jobs. When I was growing up, I was taught that loyalty to one’s job meant something. I was told not to change jobs too often, because it projected instability. Unfortunately, for workers in the Circuit City company, that is not the […]

19 Mar

Listen to the warped sense of reality.

From CNN.com, regarding a Polar bear in a German Zoo: Cuddly polar bear cub better off dead, activist says Here’s the activist’s point of view: Albrecht told The Associated Press his beliefs were more nuanced than reported by Bild, though he applauded the debate the article had started. He explained that though he thought it […]

15 Jun

Closing the door…

…on a chapter of my life that I’m glad is over. SchemerDude pled guilty today to the charges that have been pending against him for two years. Now, we can finally move forward. Snice he was up on one misdemeanor and one felony charge, I think they probably dropped it down to just misdemeanor. He’ll […]

02 Mar

No kissing.

We’re gonna get screwed yet again. Not only are property values escalating through the roof at a time when salaries are not keeping up with the cost of living, we now have the wonderful ASSHATS in Richmond deciding that we need to put tolls on all the bridges and tunnels in this area. Let me […]

23 Jan

Sure. Let’s shoot our own foot.

American Airlines should be ashamed. In the days of computerized ticketing, online purchases, etc., they’re instituting a reticketing charge of $10 for those who voluntarily change their ticket if the ticket was not purchased from American Airlines directly. Nice knowing you American Airlines, now proceed directly to bankruptcy, do not pass go, do not collect […]

23 Jan

Put a cork in it.

I was reading this week’s Portfolio where Ed Bacon from Virginia Beach is upset over the term “Seven Cities” being used to describe this area because it “takes elegant Virginia Beach and lumps it with six losers.” Let me remind you of something, Mr. Bacon. If it weren’t for the “six losers” Virginia Beach would […]

04 Jan

I’m a fan…and somewhat of an activist

But I never considered putting this website together. (Safe for work, unless you have word filtering.)

20 Sep

Lack of Posts

I’m not going to apologize for my lack of posts. I just will say that sometimes I wish stupidity was painful. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that isn’t pretty. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut about it all but allow me to say a few choice words: “You can’t return to a […]

30 Aug


It seems to me that if natural disasters like hurricanes were really God’s way of punishing sin, those who haven’t been through a disaster yet ought to be worried that God’s merely taking His time thinking up how best to deal with them. Taken from Electric Venom

29 Jun


Sorry guys, but had to post about this. When I was growing up, if you didn’t do your homework, and the teacher said “no late assignments will be accepted, except for excused absenses”, that meant just that. Since these days a zero doesn’t mean a zero, I think we should all go back and DEMAND […]

23 Jun

This is a black day.

Especially for all “home owners”. Just because you have a mortgage, and/or your family has lived in “the homestead” for years, the Supreme Court has decided that you have no rights. The city/state has all the rights, especially when it comes to declaring “eminent domain” and paying you a paltry sum for your property, then […]

08 Jun

Sure, I’ll Support You (Not)

I mean, my piddly paycheck must certainly be too much for me to be able to live on comfortably. CNN reports that those of us with health insurance increasingly are being charged in order to defray the costs lost from uninsured persons coming through the system. Now, I’m sorry, but knowing that these costs may […]

06 Jun

An Off-Site Rant

On one of the mailing lists I read, this was posted. The person who posted it normally isn’t controversial — but the words got me thinking, so I put them here for you to read as well. While I don’t agree with the post in its entirity, I do appreciate enough of the “combination of […]

31 May

Inside My Head

It’s been a long day, but I can’t just go off and not post. After all, I have you three all my readers to think about. (1) Hot chicken fat does not feel good when applied to the palm of the hand. Decided to use the grill pan and grill up some delicious chicken thighs. […]

24 May

Does it make you feel safer?

No. It just goes to show how paranoid bureaucrats will latch onto any possible “fix.” Some background: due to 9/11, and loopholes in Virginia law, a number of the hijackers ended up with Virginia Identification. Because of this, the “wise” decision has been made to end “on the spot” issuing of licenses so that photo […]

20 May

New Lows

I guess we, as humans, have sunk to new lows. How else would you explain UK News Rag “The Sun” publishing a photo of Saddam in his tighty-whities? Do we, as people, think he’s sexy? Or that it’s a demeaning photo? Or what? There are times when people can go too far. THIS is one […]

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