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20 Oct

The Bunny has Beal

Go here and leave her a comment to cheer her up.

28 Apr

The Way We Were(n’t)

I had started writing some random thoughts, which eventually lead to nowhere. But I felt the urge to share (I know, I should learn to control these urges…. Roxette Bunny hopped up on the sofa that afternoon. “John,” she said, “I’m quite concerned about the renovations that are happening. Have you given any thought to […]

26 Mar

A Blue Bunny better ‘splain

She’s found someone to operate a camera for her and has posted photos of herself and her freinds… check them out.

01 Mar

Roxette Bunny™

She wanted me to pass along that she’d do a post to her blog, but the page she normally uses keeps returning 404. Anyone who can help her, contact her at roxettebunny at cox dot net. Update: Thanks to Rocket Jones, RB™ is back to hopping in the blogsphere yet once again! A thousand appreciations!

18 Feb

A Small Blue Thing

I came home and found out that some little blue creature has put paw prints on the freshly polished furniture. I was not amused. Then I went to the fridge, and the carrots almost hit me on the toe as I opened the door. Again, I was not amused. I turned on the TV and […]

16 Jan

The Bunny Speaketh!

Roxette Bunny™ has been interviewed over at Jennifer’s History and Such. Wander on over and read it. I learned a few things I didn’t know, and I live with her!

17 Dec

This is too funny

I guess I need to start paying closer attention to where Roxette Bunny™ goes and what is going on out in the blogsphere. This one took me by surprise. How could you, Ted???

20 Nov

Roxette Bunny™ Sets Things Straight

With her post here.

30 Oct

Roxette’s got a new photo

and she’s posted it on her site. I’m tring to get the rights to put it on her travel page here, but for the meantime…. HERE IT IS. Roxette Bunny™ and Pun (No Kin).

13 Oct


There’s another bunny that makes me laugh. Roxette Bunny™ laughs at him as well. She (RB™) claims she can relate to this one (and even says it somewhat looks like her):

08 Oct

Roxette Bunny™’s Cause

Any proceeds that come from buying Roxette Bunny™ gear (she’s the official mascot of the Alliance of Free Blogs) has been “earmarked” (her words) to go to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So git over there and buy some bunny goodness!

25 Sep

Something To Chew On

I never thought my blue bunny would be a philosopher, but read what she posted and think about it. It really makes sense.

16 Sep

I was going to post this on my own blog

But it’s down and I can’t get to it. I came in to work with SilverBlue who didn’t forget me today (guess the chiding I gave him yesterday was enough to set him straight in his tracks). They’re going to be open all day today (they’re not making a decision on closing where he works […]

15 Sep

Hopping To It

Seems Ms. Bunny has had her paws busy packing and making ready. Hoppings of Roxette Bunny: Packing Up My Carrots

12 Sep

Roxette Bunny™ Is Gonna Be Busy!

Seems that Roxette Bunny™ is going to be the guest host of Tink’s blog while she’s out of town with Man of the Cloth and Revog. Wonder what kind of trouble she’s going to get herself into?

05 Sep

Roxette Bunny™ Takes the HOP!!!

Thanks to Pixy Misa, Roxette is off the Blogspot and is now an official munuvian. She’s going to need some time to set up her home, but in the meantime, add http://roxettebunny.mu.nu to your blogrolls! She seesm to be having a problem with her counter, but maybe sitemeter hasn’t registered her yet…. 🙂 Anyway, Pixy, […]

02 Sep

Question for the Great Bunny

Revog wrote in and asked: O Great Bunny! The Tooth Fairy cost me again last night, Santa makes a huge dent on *my* credit card and I think it would be nice if you would have a talk with your cousin the Easter Bunny. He is getting so he’s as expensive as Santa. Chocolate isn’t […]

28 Aug

From Roxette Bunny™

{begin transmission} [RB] Is this thing on? {thump thump} Hello, John? [SB] Hello Roxette, how are things at the Shenandoah Forester? [RB] Well, as you know, it’s getting warmer outside. I appreciate you lowering the thermostat so that the boys and I can be comfortable while you not here. [SB] No problem. So, what brings […]

27 Aug

Roxette Bunny™ Safely Returns!

Last night, who should happen to hop home, but Roxette Bunny™. Actually, she hitched a ride with PoloRandy, and claims that there’s enough drama where he works to put most soap operas out of work. While the details of the drama can’t be discussed within the confines of this blog (supposedly, Simon Fuller is looking […]

25 Aug

RoxetteBunny™’s Blog Site

Is up here. She asked to be on blogspot, so there.

19 Aug

A Bunny’s View of Renovations

Well, it’s been a while since I, Roxette Bunny™ have posted, so I figured now would be a good time to give you my take on everything that’s happening around the house. (1) Get the bike OUT of the dining room. I realize you can’t put it outside because someone will steal it. Buy a […]

11 Aug

Bouncing Around

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, myself, to the Blog, so I figured I’d take a moment, while it’s not raining to hop all over your screen and say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! PoloRandy was nice and made carrot cake for Dannell and his mother this weekend, but he didn’t make one for me. I […]

06 Aug

Asking the Great Bunny

A Disclaimer: The Great Bunny is only meant for humour, and does not reflect the opinions of SilverBlue or anybody, for that matter. A reader wrote in: O Great Bunny! What do you do when your only vice is chocolate and people think you are over the edge. There are no other vices that work […]

04 Aug

From Roxette Bunny™

RB™ wanted me to pass on that she’s gonna lay off blogging for a couple days and see if we can’t get some GOOD questions in. But this should hold you until she returns: A bored reader wrote in: O Great Bunny: Why did Bill C. waste an entire post on a piece of lint […]

03 Aug

Ask The Great Bunny

An alert reader wrote: O Great Bunny: What should I do with a friend who always cancels out on things at the last minute? It’s getting quite frustrating! To which the Great Bunny replied: Ok. So your “friend” cancels over and over and over again. Bad, BAD friend. (Are you sure they’re a friend?) I’d […]

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