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30 Sep

My vote for best new Blog

Here’s my vote for the New Blog Showcase. Trey Givens, simply because he’s blunt and honest.

30 Sep

Chain LINK Fence

Revog gives us a test. Tink is thankful but has a question to dye for. Roxette Bunny™ makes fun of Dolly Parton. Bill at Bloviating Inanities is down, but not out (we hope). Dawn talks Roxette’s language. Mookie gives us a lesson in space. Ted discusses commercials. So does LeeAnn. Susie hasn’t have a new […]

30 Sep

Bill’s been Bad!

I go out (no, not GOUT) to check on the blogsphere, and what do I find? Bloviating Inanities has been canceled. Pay your damn bill, Bill, and get the humour flowing again.

29 Sep

Some links:

Revog rants. Susie swears. Tink talks. Roxette rambles. Dawn dances. Ted’s testy. Bill’s bleating. Pixy’s posting. Tiger’s typing. Finally Fini.

29 Sep

The Source of what Ails Bill

Hit & Run: Fat City Tim C. lists the one disaase meat-eaters are vunerable to….the one thing Bill C. has. GOUT. Take solace, Bill, in knowing that your disease is caused by living the good life.

26 Sep

The Cat Shat In The Hat?

Rejected Headline: Rejected Headlines for Links on a Friday… In my search for all things bloggy and good, I came across: Dawn goin’ fishin’ for brown trout. Roxette Bunny™ is getting into logrolling. Susie’s giving out free ice cream for the return of John Collins. Bill is being punished with no boobage. Kate takes on […]

26 Sep

Yet another new blog

Dipped In Chocolate: The World of Revog will be alive and full of fun stuff soon!

25 Sep

Time to Cul the best of the best

Roxette Bunny™ gives us stuff to be thankful for. Tink also has cleaned up her act. Ted has a great Google Junket (ok, it’s a few days old, but I’m working on it). Mookie was nice enough to take roll. Punchbuggy takes on vampires, while Susie visits Valhalla. Dawn is empowered Pixy’s been devoured by […]

25 Sep

Empty Highways

Tiger’s suffering from a bit of a traffic drought. Why not go visit him? Tiger: Raggin’ & Rantin’: What do you call this?

23 Sep

The best thing about being at work

…right now is that I can catch up on what’s been going on in the blogsphere. I’d kill for a good cheeseburger, but those seem to be in short supply. I talked with Diamond Lil this morning, so I know that she and the wonderful folks at Holden Master Jewelers came through the storm ok […]

22 Sep

Welcome to the Newest Blog

Reflections of a PunchBuggy will soon be online. (That is, as soon as PunchBuggy gets power and Internet back).

17 Sep

Rocket Jones Makes A Great Point

See Here. Bravo.

16 Sep

Words of Wisdom

Electric Venom:10 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

16 Sep

Keeping up with the Jones (Rocket, that is)

Obligatory linkage inside: Rocket Jones: Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

16 Sep

I’m Busy, Thanks Susie!

Since I’m busy prepping for Hurricane BLOWHARD to visit, thanks Susie for doing all the obligatory linking! Practical Penumbra: Bonfire redux a la Windrider’s Contest

16 Sep

Bill’s advice for the Hurricane

Bloviating Inanities: Bill’s Hurricane Tips That He Stole From An E-mail He Just Received From His Wife This was too priceless to not link — and given that Bill hasn’t posted anything of merit recently, that’s saying something!

16 Sep

Bouncing Like The Blue Bunny

The Munuvian’s are inaccessible again (a shame, as Roxette Bunny™ has written a very good post and can’t put it online yet). Of course, blogrolling.com is also affected by this strange half-internet outtage, as is my Terror Level. If anyone knows why Technorati doesn’t list me as being updated but once a day (or less) […]

15 Sep

I’m trying to get everyone online

Since I’ve been able to get Tink to blog, and of course Pixy Misa provided a home for Roxette Bunny™…. my big push, now, is to get PoloRandy on the blogsphere. I’ve even created what I think is a nifty banner for him: View image He keeps saying things like “let me get moved in […]

15 Sep

It goes without Saying, but…

I’m going to say it anyway. In the event Isabel threatens, we may be without power and internet, so Tink, Roxette Bunny™ and I won’t be able to post for a while… if it happens.

14 Sep


I’m voting for this one. Enjoy!

12 Sep

The Assignment

Sketches of Strain: Your Assignment David has put a task on eveyrone. I just can’t see anyone vigrously participating in self-love and then telling him about it. Excpet maybe Dawn whom we know is healthy.

12 Sep

Another good one

Reason takes on a campaign against underage drinking that targets adults.

12 Sep

The Friday Five

1. Is the name you have now the same name that’s on your birth certificate? If not, what’s changed? My middle name, “John”, was added in 1978. 2. If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be? Daniel Cosgrove-Hall 3. Why were you named what you were? (Is there a […]

11 Sep

Question for my Visitors

Both Tink and darling, cute Roxette Bunny™ are in need of a way to automate their blog link lists. I was going to recommend blogrolling.com, but they’re not taking any new users for the current time. Anyone know of any alternatives? We all thank you!

10 Sep

It’s the Idiots That Scare Me

Thanks to Andy, I now know that corporate America is even more asshatted that previously suspected: The World Wide Rant – v3.0: Slip Slidin’ Stupidity It’s a shame when society has become so litigious (is that a word) that simple satire has become fodder for lawsuits. JackAss™ aside, I don’t think there are too many […]

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