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05 Feb

StreetGlo in action

Remember me mentioning StreetGlo? Here’s two photos of Saffyre with her new decals:

19 Jul

I want, I want, I WANT!

Look what’s FINALLY coming to DVD on September 26!

01 Feb

From Sh*t to Vomit

Forwarded by Moonglow Taken from TLC news Jan. 25, 2006— A family on the south Australian coast found a piece of whale vomit on the beach that is tipped to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, national radio reported Tuesday. The chunk of ambergris, which is sought after by perfume manufacturers, weighed 14.75 kilograms […]

01 Oct

A Student of New Math

Take this: PR just received his insurance bill from Progressive for his car and the BunnyMobile™. Beginning Balance: $0 Total for six months: $900. Discount for paying in one payment: $120. Total to pay for one payment payoff: $775. Maybe I’m old school, but $900 – $120 does not equal $775. Where did the missing […]

02 May

Difficult Decisions

But, ones that had to be made. I’m putting silverblue.org encoreplayers.com geminiblue.com and poloblue.net on the block. I’ve set a reserve price for each of them, but if you’re interested, contact me at silverblue at cox dot net with a reasonable offer.

28 Feb

Just when you thought they got it.

CNN Reports. Music download prices rising? Music industry execs say prices, set low to stimulate demand, need to move higher: report. February 28, 2005: 6:51 AM EST NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Just as legal music downloading is taking off in earnest, the major record labels are in talks to raise the price they charge online […]

09 Sep

Someone else getting in on it

Seems that Roxette Bunny™ has her own CafeShop. Hop on over and take a look. I personally think the mousepads are cute.

31 Jul

Another one bites the dust

Word is out that Lord and Taylor is closing their Lynnhaven Mall store. The only thing I could afford from that place was from their second floor clearance racks… so, while I’ll miss that, the rest of the store was too rich for my blood.

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