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19 Jul

IF you have broadband…

…and IF you really wondered what was in “The Book” but didn’t want to cough up the $12.40 for the PDF, or the $47.53 for the paperback, or the $60 for the hardcover, AND… ….if you have Flash installed. You might just have a treat. Since it’s a file of 77.6 MEG, however, make sure […]

16 Jul

A statement, and a start.

I. AM. SICK. OF. FOOD. NETWORK. Mind you, I still love the channel. But…WHY THE HELL are they running “The Next Food Network Star” marathon over and over and over and over and over (and OVER)? I. AM. OVAH. IT. We know it’s down to Amy and Rory. That’s fine. I don’t need to keep […]

11 Jul

Is this insanity?

Or just a case of vanity? I thought this would be a better way of showing my journey through the years. Where I was, where I’ve been, and where I’m headed.

11 Jul

A request.

I realized (after spending two hours getting my PC to play correctly with a hard drive) that upon reading the previous post, my real request was lost in a sea of words. Here it is again. I do have a request, however. This requires YOUR participation. Since I’ve started sharing photos of me over the […]

20 Jun

Awesome photograph!

Johnny sent me the most awesome closeup of a seahorse! It’s amazing that nature can create such beauty.

13 Mar

Promo Postcard

28 Feb

Photos as promised.

Remember. I’m the one with the camera. You know the photos are being taken. ‘Nuff said. (Yeah, I did take offense to the person who said “I didn’t give permission for you to print the photo of {location} in your book.” My comment then, as it is now is the same: you invited me on […]

12 Feb

First Impressions

I was very impressed with the binding and production. Lulu.com, you’ve made me very proud!

12 Feb

Pictures will be forthcoming.

That is, if UPS delivered the book like they were supposed to. I still don’t have confirmation. 🙁

08 Feb

Well, if the book is too expensive…

want to buy a calendar? Only $12. Click here. (Or on the cover below. The Calendar runs from March 07 until February 08) I make about 50 cents off each copy sold.

31 Jan

Awesome photograph

Taken last night of the Robinson house in Elizabeth City, with a bit of lens adjustment applied during exposure. (C) 2007 F. John Barker III (taken under street lamp glow) Photo altered to remove yellow cast: (C) 2007 F. John Barker III

26 Jan

Through The Eyes of Silver Blue – THE BOOK

Now available for purchase. Click here. (That loud noise? It was me, exhaling, glad that it’s all over, at least until 2009.)

25 Jan

Well, final edits (and 1 picture) to go, BUT!

Care to see it all? (< --- Click for PDF file)

15 Jan

As promised…

Here’s the photos of the former Newport News Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. A real shame to see the building go downhill the way it has. But… at least I’ve got some photographic memories now!

15 Jan

Have a Coke and …. a wrecking ball?

When I first moved to Hampton Roads (sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it “Tidewater”) some 27 years ago, much of downtown Newport News was vacant buildings. Fast forward 27 years and much of downtown Newport News is vacant… lots. The old Sears building is gone. As is the old Leggetts. The dozen or […]

09 Jan

Remember me saying montage?

Well, here’s the two pages of photos in PDF format.

08 Jan

Additional Photographs

Christmas in Carolina December 06 Santa comes to the Litchfields!

11 Dec

From the mouths of babes (12-10-06)

PMUCC’s Kid’s Choir did “Twas The Night Before Christmas” and it was cute. Don’t take my word for it. See some photos.

29 Nov

The Way We Were (1999 style)

Here’s life, circa Thanksgiving 1999.

23 Nov

A few more good shots.

Of Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin.

21 Nov

Portsmouth/Norfolk Grand Illumination Photos

I’ve done a lot of editing (down from almost 1500 to the 300 or so I put on line.) You can view them here.

17 Nov

New Photos Online

State Collage 1995 (taken with Minolta X-370) State College 1996 (also with the Minolta X-370)

21 Jun

Photography Pages Updated

Since Flikr and I don’t get along (it’s that transfer limit, etc.) I’ve redone my website to focus on that aspect of my life, as well as a few other sections. Take a look. I’m still going through photos to put online. (Warning, some of the sections have several hundred thumbnails to load, and make […]

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