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26 Aug

The Expression is:

Oh. My. God. I just had someone come up to me with a sealed CD and said: “I have to send this to someone (they mentioned the name). What should I tell them? That it’s a cassette?” It took all the effort I could put forth to say “no, tell them it’s an 8 track […]

26 Aug

$400 Later

How does one do $400 worth of damage to a printer? Well, obviously, very easily. The Xerox guy had to come and replace two parts that had be snapped off the printer… $400 for parts, and $95 for the technician fee. Thank God it was under warranty. Normally these things like to wait until the […]

19 Aug

Cheap Bastards

We’ve ordered some signage here at CHK. I have the images as B&W Vector Images in Adobe Illustrator CS. The company doesn’t have Adobe. They can’t open the AI files, nor can they open the EPS files that Illustrator creates. My question is: then what good are you? You asked for B&W Vector Images. I […]

19 Aug

Sometimes, an email is all it takes

I just received the following in email. Guess something I’m doing is appreciated by someone. 🙂 Thank you for all the times you made time for my PC issues. The support on this side of campus is the pits. The PC is old and calling for tech support is a laugh. I just wanted to […]

19 Aug

How would you respond?

Client has a 1.44 meg floppy. On floppy is 1.20 meg powerpoint file. That’s the only thing on the floppy. Client writes: I added one slide and changed one other slide and it said I did not have enough space to make these changes. Help! Wouldn’t it just be easier to copy the file to […]

18 Aug

Ever Refuse to Do Your Job?

I’m going to. Starting Monday. Computings Services has decided to push out an “Opt-In” Anti-Spam Technology, but refusing to allow the techies access to it. The only advanced info will be: Basic training on these topics for the TSC (Help Desk) staff in the Web Cyber-Loft lab on the following Dates/Times. You are more than […]

17 Aug

How do you…

…give a Tech Geek an orgasm? Here’s How. I haven’t stopped drooling yet. For those who don’t know, a TB is a terrabyte, equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes, or 1,000,000 megabytes.

12 Aug


There are days I should be touching equipment. Today is one of those days. I just fried a USB external hard drive case. Don’t ask how I managed that. I just did.

02 Aug


That’s the temperature in the server room. Yeah, the room we paid 30K for a special air conditioning unit for. 92. In a room with 7 servers. 92. I think I’ll just go back home. And sleep. It’s 80 there.

21 Jul


We ordered 5 DELL PCs here at CHK. When purchasing ordered them, they put in an order for *1* machine. Then did a “change order” to 5 (this happens all the time). Well, we only received one machine, so I emailed purchasing to find out where our other four machines went. The Procurement guy emails […]

19 Jul

Rules, People.

They’re in place for a reason. I just spend the last half hour trying to explain to people what they should know all along. Rules are in place to help prevent problems from occuring. To maintain accountabilty. But do you think people see it this way? Of course not. They only think of themselves. The […]

13 Jul


I bloody help someone out who’s having problems with spyware, so I direct them to a particular site, http://www.lavasoftusa.com — makers of one of the best programs out there to counteract spyware, “Ad-Aware”. They then come back and say I F*CKED up their machine by that download. Excuse me? How was I to know you […]

12 Jul

How does it feel?

A typical conversation between my clients (the woman) and myself.

12 Jul

Like I have spare

computers just ripe for picking. Listen people. If I haven’t been able to replace your PC in your office, it’s for good reason. I’m not one to ignore my clients under any circumstances. I had a client who has been coming by every day wondering WHY she hasn’t had her desktop replaced. It’s amazing, once […]

30 Jun

Blessed are the STUPID

for they shall find Employment at CHK. I swear. We move into our building TWO years ago. You haven’t used the room since. All of a sudden you expect to put a professor in that room, using a PC that hasn’t had any updates in 2 years, and expect it to function? You mean you […]

28 Jun

Listen up

I don’t particularly care if you didn’t teach in the beginning of the summer session, but because you didn’t check your email and Computing Services changed FTP protocols, etc., that does NOT constitute an emergency on my part because “you teach today and can’t access the FTP server.” You were alerted to this problem more […]

24 Jun

And the Masses

out to kick some spammers asses, said: Take this fool and put him in a technology-free zone forever, unless on appeal he wins, then fill his inbox with ads for viagra, cilias, refinancing mortgages, breast enhancement, cheap OEM software, bimbos named “Jen” who have webcams, cable filter disablers, imported drugs, funds from Nigerian banks, and […]

22 Jun

Just when you thought

…it was safe and I was out of invective for rants, here comes another one. When you have a graduate assistant that used to work for computing services, but doesn’t anymore, should that send up any red flags? What about if that same graduate assistant is provided with a computer with two CD-Rom drives (one […]

11 Jun

Away with…

…your PC! Client came to me yesterday complaining they couldn’t open a WPD file because they did not have Corel Word Perfect installed on their machine. I gave them the site license form to have authorized so I could install. Swung by this morning, since I hadn’t received it back…and already loaded on their machine […]

08 Jun

There Truly Are Idiots In The World

I had a call from a customer who was complaining that when she typed, the wrong letters came up on the screen. After some investigation, I learned she had pried off all the letter key caps off her keyboard and rearranged them in alphabetical order. You’d think she’d have figured out the problem herself when […]

07 Jun


While the network dies and comes back today, we received our DVD recorder, combo DVD/VCR, and new digital camera at work. We’ll see, if the weather isn’t bad, how good of a photo it takes this evening. How’s everyone’s Monday going? Here, it’s been looking like it’s going to rain all day, but fortuatnely hasn’t […]

04 Jun

Tablet PCs are just Freaky.

I’ve got to learn how to use one. Pray for me. LOL. They’re not bad, just … different.

02 Jun

Silly Tech Support Story

Customer: “My computer won’t start up.” Tech Support: “Is the power light on?” Customer: “Yes.” Tech Support: “Is anything on the monitor?” Customer: “Yes, it says to press F2 for setup, or I can press F1 and fill out a resume.”

28 May

Sorry to not have been around

…much today. I was at PoloRandy’s office, taking care of major computer issues. Ever feel that people should not be issued computers if they don’t know how to use them? Four printers broken (2 fully fixed, power supply ordered for one, and the person who originally installed the 4th took off with all the documentation, […]

24 May

You Have To Wonder

How some of these people remain gainfully employed: Client: Hi John, Client: I finally had a chance to try to look at the logos and for some reason my computer won’t open either file Client: one it said “file registry cannot be found”. The other, an application can not be found to open this Me: […]

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