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22 Sep

Music of the Night

“Just Walk Away” Performed by Celine Dion I know I never loved this way before And no one else has loved me more With you I’ve laughed and cried I have lived and died What I wouldn’t do just to be with you I know I must forget you to go on I can’t hold […]

18 Sep

Once more, with feeling.

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

18 Sep

Music of the morning.

Sam Harris’ “Don’t Look In My Eyes”, which popped up on my ipod this morning brought back memories from years past, including MRH, who passed away November 1986. I miss you, more than I could have ever told you. “All my memories are safely packed, and my dreams are neatly folded away. I’ve got nothing […]

13 Sep

Music of the Morning

I Surrender Performed by Celine Dion (or Nicki French, as a dance track) Written by Louis Biancaniello, Sam Watters There’s so much life I’ve left to live And this fire is burning still When I watch you look at me I think I could find the will To stand for every dream And forsake this […]

27 Aug

Music of the Day

Insatiable Written by Darren Hayes/Walter Afanasieff When moonlight crawls along the street Chasing away the summer heat Footsteps outside somewhere below The world revolves I let it go We build our church above this street We practice love between these sheets The candy sweetness scent of you It bathes my skin I’m stained by you […]

24 Aug

Some musical quotes of the day

“Deliver me, out of my sadness… Deliver me, from all of the madness… Deliver me, courage to guide me, Deliver me, strength from inside me…. all of my life, I’ve been in hiding, wishing there was someone just like you…” – Sarah Brightman “So many years gone, still… I remember. How did I ever let […]

21 Aug

It’s not a good day.

The Change Garth Brooks One hand Reaches out And pulls a lost soul from harm While a thousand more go unspoken for They say what good have you done By saving just this one It’s like whispering a prayer In the fury of a storm And I hear them saying you’ll never change things And […]

20 Aug

Something very important at this very moment

Songs find you from the past for a purpose. It’s just like 1988, all over again. May I not make the same errors in judgment this go round. “Meet Me Halfway” – Kenny Loggins In a lifetime made of memories I believe In destiny Every moment returns again in time When I’ve got the future […]

20 Aug

The song/The Translation


20 Aug

Just Me, Finding Myself

Musical Interlude CD — This CD programmed itself from the random function on my iPod. Just one of the many services the universe provides. 1. Meet Me Halfway – Kenny Loggins 2. Have You Ever Been In Love – Celine Dion 3. How Could I Ask For More – Akiko 4. Absolutely – Eurogliders 5. […]

19 Aug

Music of the night

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] I could be contented I don’t need to suffer You’re beautiful Good to talk to You make an impression To take my attention And when you touch my skin I smell disaster Step away – walk away All i want is the real thing (nothing but the real […]

19 Aug

A song for a few people who used to be

an integral part of my life. I’m not naming names. I’m just saying. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] There’s a reason you’re part of my past. Please stay there.

17 Aug

Music of the Night

One Heart Written by John Shanks, Kara DioGuardi Performed by Celine Dion One heart you are following… You can run And you can begin In a place Where you don’t fit in ‘Cause love will find a way When you’re down You can start again Turn around Anything you’re in Love will find a place […]

14 Aug

Ask the universe for guidance, get a surprise.

I asked the universe to give me a hint as to what I should do to improve my mood. (Backstory won’t be on the blog, sorry guys.) Answer: Put the ipod on shuffle, sit back, shut up, and listen. Kim Wilde: I Can’t Say Goodbye Celine Dion: To Love You More Lauren Christy: You Read […]

04 Aug

With as crazy has my life is

This song has always meant something deeply personal to me. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Even if it’s all over, don’t ever say it was all in vain. When a door closes, a window opens. Just be sure to lock the door and brick it up.

03 Aug

Transcending It All.

Streaming MP3: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Real Audio: Click Here.

01 Aug

When I Was Trying To Keep My Spirits Up

When I was cowered in a corner with my iPod, I made the following playlist to attempt to elevate my emotions. A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) – Celine Dion Affirmation – Savage Garden I Believe In You (Brad’s Big Bootleg Extended Mix) – Kylie Minogue Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way? – […]

24 Jul

Music of the afternoon

A classic from Sheena Easton, “I Wouldn’t Beg For Water.” I make friends, I make enemies, it doesn’t matter all that much to me I’m not the kind who deals behind the scenes I won’t sell my soul, I’d be nothing without some integrity Chorus: I wouldn’t beg for water, I wouldn’t beg for water […]

22 Jul

Music of the Night

While I sometimes dedicate my music of the night to people, places or circumstances, this song, in this particular timespace, is the Music of the Night simply because it exists. As such, I’m about ready to turn in for the night, but will leave you with this track by former Country chanteuse, Sylvia, from her […]

20 Jul

Imagine the marketing this CD could have…

“The Food of Love” 1. If Music Be The Food of Love – Samantha Fox 2. Chocolate – Kylie Minogue 3. Sugar, Sugar – The Archies 4. Hungry – Kosheen 5. Black Coffee – k.d. lang 6. Rock Lobster – B-52s 7. Dance Little Bird (The Chicken Dance) – The Tweets 8. You Take Some […]

20 Jul

The Friday FloorFiller&#8482 Returns!

As promised, a MixDisc… called OMG! WTF? [Audio clip: view full post to listen] or in RealAudio Artists? Sure — in random order. Savage Garden. Annie Lennox. Kim Wilde. BT. Sarah Brightman. Roxette. Agnetha Faltskog. LaTour. Kylie Minogue. Debbie Harry. Linda Eder. BWO. Barry Manilow? Yep. Bananarama. Alcazar. Sting. Songs titles? Listen for yourself.

18 Jul

Come on October 2

Annie Lennox’s “Songs of Mass Destruction” (her 4th solo album) will be released in the US on October 2, 2007. Strangely enough, “Bare” (her last solo album) had just been released when I initated the blog, all those years ago in 2003. Time flies when you’re listening to great music!

16 Jul

When music isn’t what you think it is.

I just received the Nouveau Riche “Pink Trash” album. Remember that Nouveau Riche started as Ulrich & Dominika (Dominika formerly being in Army of Lovers). They released two maxi singles: “Oh Lord” and “Hardcore Life”. Dominika left the band after “artistic differences” and the album (then called Glamour und Schmerz (loosely: Beauty and Pain)) was […]

13 Jul

One final one before bed.

You discover that the monster you’ve been running from is the monster in you. Darkness – By Darren Hayes Been spending so much time underground I guess my eyes adjusted To the lack of light I got Covered in darkness Covered in darkness Hibernating always waiting for something new Happiness has always ended In the […]

12 Jul

I couldn’t resist.

Music of the Evening. It’s an inside joke to me. And to a few certain people. 🙂 “Montreal” by Adam Ant Lay him down inside the car Boston en route, not too far Down another bleak highway Soothes the morning pain away What had passed the night before Room 1206 on the floor Beautiful, his […]

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