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13 Dec

This Just In

28 Oct

Hell, I’m in a genrous mood

Visit WindRider for a good picture laugh. (hell, it’s better than anything Bill (with no link) has posted (Halsy nor not) recently.)

28 Oct

Oh. My.

See This. (From here)

26 Oct

Ever wonder?

LeeAnn Explains it all.

11 Oct

Hot Damn!

She’s Back!

22 Sep

Much Ado About Something.

Ozguru is on to something. Thanks to Tink for alerting me I need to get out and read more.

18 Aug

Poor Susie.

In Business and didn’t know it. The question is, “is there less intelligence on the web, or at the theatre where she’s manager?” Who wants to be that Mr. Gross is really Gross, and is waiting for the 25 cent days at the theatre?

27 Jul

It’s Rare…

…but occasionally, I am left speechless. The epitome of the perfect post. You go Michelle!

26 Jul

It’s morning right?

So what do I read? Oh. My. GOD. (Drink alert in effect. No, Seriously. Don’t say you weren’t warned!)

25 Jul

Link-Luv™ of…

a different kind. Susie, Mistress of Film, gives us her top 20 Kirk Douglas films. Tink gets exhausted from all-day shopping adventures. LeeAnn disucsses birthmarks and things that make you go Hmmm. Roxette Bunny™ shows some of the clients she has to deal with on a daily basis. Dave finds religion again. I hear his […]

09 Jul

Some long overdue Link-Luv™

Poor Bill. His ass is broken. I would say that means he’s full of shit, but we’re discussing him, not his blog. Tink has a rant building. I know what it is, but can’t say anything (yet). It’s serious, however. Punchbuggy seems to have vacated the blogsphere, so if he doesn’t post by Sunday night, […]

25 Jun

Good, Good, Good…

…Good Vibrations. Honey, where did you put the Harry Potter Broom?

21 Jun

A Little Bit o’ Link-Luv™

Paul should learn a lesson. Don’t expect things and you won’t be disappointed. Susie is suffering from a very VERY bad case of mahjobbus crappus. Blogeline discusses her Father’s Day.

12 Jun

Morning Hell.

I smell T-R-O-U-B-L-E Susie may only get purgatory (see earlier Link-Luv™) but her days have certainly gone to hell They say never to give people advice on family matters if they’re not in your family. So, Tink has a family matter, and I’m NOT going to give advice. I don’t need anyone else mad at […]

11 Jun

I Wanna Be Around

…to pick up the pices when somebody breaks your heart* How long should it take to defrag a hard drive? It’s an 80 gig, I’ve only got 34 gig on it, and it’s been defragging since 8:30. It’s now almost 2. Damn, it’s slooooooooooooooow! I’ve been doing a lot of reading today, so I think […]

10 Jun

Linky-Dinky- Luvy-Wuvy

Tiger describes what sounds like a normal day for me, except that I have water. I also don’t have court, but that’s a different cat of different stripes. Wonder if the SPCA has been out? All the animals over at Beyond the Black Hole have been on holiday since May 23. Hope nothing bad has […]

10 Jun

More Link-Luv™

Blogeline just wants to go home. Who can blame her? It’s hard being that far away from the ones you love when they’re having medical procedures performed. DramaQueen’s family also is in medical crisis. Pray for them. Stevie is entering Geekdom. Horray for her! Revog is having “One of those days”. Boy am I familiar […]

10 Jun

Whoring Links For Visitors

Massive Link Alert (well, since it’s 2:15 and I’ve only had 90 visitors today) Susie and LeeAnn go to hell. I guess the point to be made here is the cheesier you are, the more likely to go to hell you are? Who knows. I love these ladies, be they hellish or not. Next up, […]

04 Jun

Friday Link-Luv™

First off, NO, Reflections of a PunchBuggy is not offline. He just hasn’t posted in more than 7 days, so everything has rotated off. It seems that Bill has skipped town. Maybe Wind Rider’s theory about the connection between the suitcases in the bay and Mr. C. are a bit too close for reality. Dawn, […]

27 May

Afternoon Link-Luv™

Blogeline discusses free give-aways. (Normally I have a coffee with my Danish, but since this a company from Denmark and not a sugar coated treat, I’ll pass.) When Cats Attack! does a round-up of their own. DramaQueen has returned from her holiday. Horray! Horray! KiwiFruit goes to see an awesome musical. Who wouldn’t love ABBA?

27 May

Still Hungry? More Link-Luv™

Ozguru talks about his conversion from MT to WP. I owe him a great debt of thanks, because now I have two nifty new scripts (plug-ins, hacks) running. 😎 Jennifer takes on the titsling. No, I mean a brassiere. Rob of L&R talks Smack(down). notGeorge gives us an awesome quiz.

27 May

New Addition

To the permanent blogroll. ScriptyGoddess is a wealth of information, and I’m now addicted to her blog. 😆

27 May

Second Helping of Link-Luv™

Revog has issues with something akin to Groundhog Day. Ever have STRESS? Tink’s Eye-Doctor has a eye problem. Seems he can’t see himself making a move. His loss, honestly! Roxette Bunny™ has some new stuff at her store…and interesting things to over hear in the carrot patch!

25 May

New To The Blue

When Cats Attack! is a new addition to my blogroll — Michelle’s already added been nice enough to add me to her blog roll, and hey…. she’s witty, so go check it out!

13 May

For the good in life

Bill, of Bloviating Inanities, actually has a post that will do some good. Be sure to drop by and donate to Operation Smile. Remember to do it for the kids. They’re the ones having to inherit all of our mistakes.

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