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25 Apr

Ten Tangibles

Lifted from Pisco’s. Taking up Pisco’s challenge I’m going to list 10 tangible things I wish I had. That is, no “world peace,” no “an end to hunger,” just 10 tangible things I’d appreciate. I think the implied theme here is, “Be a little selfish.” Also, no wishing for more wishes or only using half […]

18 Apr

Too good not to be stolen

Venomous Kate has words of wisdom regarding the current state of suckage in blogging: Mrs. Jones taught us in third grade that paragraphs should begin with a topical sentence, continue with a few supporting details, then culminate with a conclusive/transitory sentence. Dear Mrs. Jones also had seventeen cats and died a lonely death without ever […]

16 Apr


Thank you, Bone Collector, for your kind words. Personally, I wish most blogs that use pseudonyms for the participants would have a cast page, just so we can keep the players correct. Still, I’m honoured to be mentioned in such a loving, generous way. You made my day, Lady. (And you managed to take my […]

16 Apr

Just. So. Wrong.

Can someone explain this to me? Why would kids need toys that are a “Passover Bag of Plagues”? Thanks, FencerScott. Now I’m going to have nightmares.

06 Apr

Bach wasn’t the only one to write a Fugue

Shamelessly lifted from Venomous Kate. I’ll give you a little Word Fugue™ to play. If you don’t know how to play, here are the rules, such as they are: 1. I start it off with a word. 2. You look at the most recently posted comment. 3. You leave the word — and only ONE […]

05 Apr

Help us increase traffic!

Help spread the word about Ramblings of Silver Blue! I’m sure if you’re a regular visitor, you’ve noticed our jokes: 10 Signs of Job Burn Out 10. You’re so tired, you now answer the phone with “Go to Hell.” 9. Your friends call to ask how you’ve been, and you immediately scream, “Stop asking me […]

19 Mar

Thought of the Day

Saying “You had better not forget your place, or I may have to withdraw my support, and you can’t get anywhere without my support” is just another way of saying “I never cared about helping you in the first place.” (comment by Amanda W.)

05 Feb

StreetGlo in action

Remember me mentioning StreetGlo? Here’s two photos of Saffyre with her new decals:

25 Jul


The blogroll has been pared down — some of the blogs had ceased to be, and some had ceased giving reciprocal links, so, if there’s one missing that you enjoyed (or, if you’d like to turn me on to a good blog) leave me a comment.

06 Jun

What was once gone, isn’t.

Thanks to Revog who directed me to this article. Sounds to me like Best Buy is setting themselves up for a major class action lawsuit.

21 Apr

Friday FloorFiller™ returns!

I’m feeling a little better. Here’s a Friday FloorFiller (Real Audio Required) It helped cheer me up. Maybe it might help you too.

05 Jan

Much Overdue Link-Luv™

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve handed out a dose of Link-Luv™ As such, here goes: Dawn gets all qwirky. Tink gives us “Thoughts for a New Year.” Neil revisits history. Ted dabbles in questionable humour. Bone Collector time travels. Tiger posts weekly jokes. Unfortunately, Susie didn’t mention shaken or stirred. and finally… Lachlan talks about “Entrapment” […]

10 Nov

Susie Gets Piggy.

But you know, it just might work. Talk about your ultimate deterrent for Suicide Bombers. Porky Plasma indeed.

10 Nov

Funny Quote

I myself was thinking about a freezer full of lamb brains, stomach, kidneys, liver and pancreas. Somehow, the idea of making my own haggis has never appealed to me, and I’ve never particularly liked leg of lamb, it’s a bit too woolly for my taste. But I could see visions of lambchops and tagines dancing […]

04 Nov

New On The Blue

Go pay “My So Called Blog” a visit. You may learn a thing or two. Besides. Lachlan’s got great taste in friends (we share a couple mutually). (The blog is being reconstructed, so bear with Lachlan, patiently.)

08 Sep

Happy Birthday Ted!

Zoom over to Rocket Jones and wish him a happy birthday — today’s his day!

31 Aug

Making The Rounds

And soon to be added to my BlogRoll. PostSecret.

04 Aug

Put it on my “Bill”

Remember the “King of Suck”? Bloviating Inanities? He’s BACK. As you can tell by reading this, the posts haven’t improved. Praise God!

17 May

Just For Ted

Our wonderful Rocket Jones was enthralled last month with Zombies. Too bad it was all an April Fool’s Joke. (as he found out later on….but hey, I needed to pass some linkage on… LOL!)

12 May

Something In Common

Tink and I have more in common, it seems, than just being roomates. One of her friends has an issue that warranted a rant. I agree with most of what Tink said, with the addition that it appears the more you get paid, the more brains and common sense you lose. Unless the person that […]

27 Apr

Short is Right.

OzGuru gives us the shortest fairy tale ever.

27 Apr

Just for Revog

Well… just becuase.

22 Apr

Overread in the Blogsphere™

At my memorial service, I would like my clergyman to begin his eulogy with the words “I suppose, in a way, we all killed him.” Found amongst the cheese on LeeAnn’s Blog.

02 Apr


Do you have a mind of your own? Can you think outside the box? Do you not accept everything the media/ government/ person next door tells you as gospel? If so, read this. It’s from one of Roxette Bunny™’s neighbors over in munuviana. Well written, well conceived, and well thought out. As you know, I’m […]

16 Mar


For the men (and some women). Pictures of TITS! (Yes, work and family safe)

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