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25 Feb

It can’t bring her back…

but the murdered woman’s husband turned himself in. Considering that he is the prime suspect in her death (and the scum was having an affair with her best freind!), it’s good to know that at least he’s not out roaming the streets. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone to a senseless […]

26 Sep

A Website that “Outs” fine print

Thanks to Moonglow for forwarding this very important article from MSNBC.

11 Sep

Ok, Legal Ideas here…

I have a photograph of myself taken in 1973. The store where it was taken (J.M. Fields) declared bankruptcy (Chapter 11) in 1978. Since the photo was done by an inhouse photo lab (I’ve checked the photo for any possibly ownership marks, front and back — of which there are none), and not Olan Mills […]

02 Jun

Maybe I’m just overly cynical

But there was a post on CNN.com yesterday about an inmate who had killed his wife, received a life sentence, and was back in court because a psychiatrist said “the inmate would die without a sex change operation“. The psychiatrist even went so far as to compare it to “denying an inmate a liver transplant.” […]

22 Feb

Bigotry and Hatred?

Welcome to America. Trust me, any time I hear of people going “oh, {so and so} do so much for {whatever}” or “no one does more for {such and such} than…” and then these same people turn around and are homophobic, I just want to throw a penalty flag and say: “Look, you self-righteous bigot. […]

20 Feb

I’ve got a novel idea.

Instead of suing McDonalds for not disclosing, before now, that their fries may have milk and/or wheat, why not keep your asses at home and cook for yourself? If you have an alergy, or if you don’t eat a certain type of food, then you should go, shop at your local organic mart, and prepare […]

17 Feb

The Real Reason I like EuroPop

The RIAA doesn’t have their grubby hands in it. Since WHEN am I not free to rip my own CDs to put on my XClef or iPod? According to the RIAA, it’s not Fair Use. Excuse me here, while I scream. I have purchased your piece of shit product for most of my life. I […]

09 Feb

Promised Update (Especially for Neil)

Here’s the Link for New York Q: Can an employee be fired without due cause? A: Yes. New York State is an “employment-at-will,” state. Without a contract restricting termination (such as a collective bargaining agreement) an employer has the right to discharge an employee at any time for any reason. This also protects the employee’s […]

12 Jan

Interesting news.

One of my former coworker’s husbands, John C. Tucker, wrote a book called “May God Have Mercy” regarding the Roger Coleman case. Today, the AP reported: New DNA tests confirmed the guilt of a man who went to his death in Virginia’s electric chair in 1992 proclaiming his innocence, a spokeswoman for the governor said […]

03 Nov

Sony Steps Back from RootKit

and provides a remover.

02 Nov

Time to declare war on Sony

Removing Sony’s CD ‘rootkit’ kills Windows More fun with digital audio By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco Published Tuesday 1st November 2005 10:25 GMT Sysinternals’ Mark Russinovich has performed an analysis of the copy restriction measures deployed by Sony Music on its latest CDs: which he bluntly calls a ‘root kit’. Using conventional tools to […]

02 Nov

As if MalWare wasn’t bad enough

now it seems that Sony/BMG is installing rootkits on machines. Sony Music CDs surreptitiously install DRM Trojan horses on PCs by ZDNet‘s David Berlind — Reports are beginning to turn up around the Web that discuss how certain CDs from Sony Music come with a Trojan horse-based digital restrictions management (DRM) technology that surreptitiously installs […]

27 Oct

It simply wasn’t her time.

Miers followed her conscious and has withdrawn. I may not have agreed with her nomination, nor her stances on issues, but I respect the woman for realizing it was a lost cause and for not wasting the nation’s time. If more elected officials would follow that lead, imagine how the US could propser.

14 Oct

Get him OFF the bench

It’s time for the General Assemby to get off their respective asses and do something about this “quirk” in our legal system: A Fairfax County judge doesn’t believe in Virginia’s drunken driving laws has resumed his practice of dismissing all DWI cases brought into his court, leaving prosecutors unable to appeal his rulings. In July, […]

03 Sep

America is really in for it.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist died Saturday at age 80. That means Dubya will be appointing 2 of the 9 Justices that serve for life. So that even long after he leaves office, his rhetoric and crap will continue to afflict American life. May God provide solace to Justice Rehnquist’s family. And may God have mercy […]

01 Sep

America: Let’s Screw The Victims

As if natural disaster isn’t enough to break someone’s will, leave it to the changes submitted to the Bankruptcy code to take effect to finish destroying lives. New bankruptcy law a problem for Katrina victims By Jonathan Stempel Reuters Thursday, September 1, 2005; 6:41 PM NEW YORK (Reuters) – Hurricane Katrina is expected to cause […]

23 Jun

This is a black day.

Especially for all “home owners”. Just because you have a mortgage, and/or your family has lived in “the homestead” for years, the Supreme Court has decided that you have no rights. The city/state has all the rights, especially when it comes to declaring “eminent domain” and paying you a paltry sum for your property, then […]

17 Jun

Tears Will Leave No Stain…

…but Ketchup will. Found via CNN. Ketchup stain sparks e-mail flurry LONDON, England — An e-mail exchange between a law firm executive and a secretary over a ketchup stain has set London’s legal world buzzing. The details were forwarded across the city after Richard Phillips, a senior associate at Baker & McKenzie, sent a message […]

07 Jun

At times…

….one doesn’t have to be a bigamist to have one wife too many. Bigamist sentenced in Chesapeake for having two wives By JOHN HOPKINS, The Virginian-Pilot © June 4, 2005 Last updated: 12:41 AM

02 Jun

On The “Cutting Edge”

Last year, we had an incident where human remains were found in suitcases, floating in the Chesapeake Bay. Some bad jokes were made (even by myself) about this “abusive” husband being sent off with a set of matching luggage. Since the fruit doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree, I guess it’s really no […]

19 May

My day for the soapbox

Oh boy. Here we go AGAIN. Beach jury convicts man of shooting his wife 20 years ago By JON FRANK, The Virginian-Pilot © May 19, 2005 VIRGINIA BEACH – A jury today convicted William A. Morgan, a 69-year-old former airline pilot and Navy officer, of shooting his wife eight times and leaving her for dead […]

19 May

Open the Gates Of Hell

We need to quit being soft on criminals, especially murderers, and definitely with those who plead guilty, and then turn around and do it again. CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (AP) — Tony Pope went to prison for bludgeoning his girlfriend to death with an iron skillet and was back out on the streets five years later despite […]

17 May

A Borrowed Google Bomb

I was over at Rocket Jones’ blog and noticed, for the first time (maybe I just don’t scroll enough) that he has a Google Bomb in his template. I borrowed it, and it’s now at the bottom of my template as well. Why? Because I don’t stand for hate. Neither does Google, who had the […]

17 May

Give. Me. A. Frickin’. Break.

I understand the premise of “innocent until proved guilty”, but when there are witnesses, dead bodies, hostages, etc. how can ANYONE plead “not guilty”? By what? Reason of insanity? Fine. In those instances, don’t worry about rehabilitation. Put them in solitary confinement, brick them up, whatever. NEVER release them back into society. There are “mistakes […]

28 Apr

New Meaning On Hen-Pecked

Punchbuggy mentions how South Carolina has lost its mind. Seems that for now, cockfighting is a felony, while domestic violence is only a misdemeanor. In fact, one outspoken blowhard, . Rep. John Graham Altman (R-Dist. 119-Charleston) [from which I am ASHAMED to say I enjoyed living for 11 years] had the following to say when […]

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