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06 Jun

You Only Think You’re Safe

So, you don’t shop online; you’re careful to not use your credit card over the telephone or via a cell phone, you always shred your credit card receipts, and you don’t give out your home phone number when asked at the local store “to expand their marketing base.” You’ve done everything right, because you’re afraid […]

11 Aug

All in the name of corporate greed

Profits, profits, profits. We all are greedy little piggys grunting at the great trough of corporate profiles. Now, corporations are wanting greater and greater profits in a time of economic downturn. So what happens? They start sending tech jobs over to India, Singapore, etc. And Joe Schmoe in America is left unemployed, unable to obtain […]

01 Aug

Privacy, Sex, Games & ATMs

CNN.com – Trade a little privacy for a hot date – Aug. 1, 2003

10 Jul

A billion here, a billion there

…pretty soon it adds up to real money. I just read where LAX is proposing a renovation equaling NINE BILLION DOLLARS. Excuse me… let me see if I get this right. You want to reduce the number of gates (and planes landing), reduce the number of passengers, and increase the rent and runway fees airlines […]

10 Jul

And Then There Was One

News Reports (CNNMoney) show that the move towards a centralized society (banks, grocery stores, petrol marts, etc) has taken one “step” closer, as Nike has announced it will buy rival Converse. In the past 30 years we’ve lost more and more to the tune of “investor profits”. W.T. Grants, Woolworths, Montgomery Wards, Woolco, Korvette’s, HQ, […]

09 Jul

Eau de Caca? Hair Pie?

Fortune Magazine discusses how hair, bugs, excrement, etc. end up in your perfume, food, cigarettes, etc. under the heading “natural flavors.” Hmm. Glad I wasn’t eating when I came across it.

23 Jun

Tink’s Musical Observation

Thinking back on this weekend, while Tink and I were going through the various music bins at thrift stores and flea markets, Tink made a deep observation: “I’ve never heard of most of these artists.” Since most of them were on CD, obviously a music company devoted time for production (if not for promotion). I’ve […]

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