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23 Sep

Some of you may know

that the Holy Union that I had started to plan earler this year basically withered and died. One person didn’t know, however, and I received a package in the mail today from this person (who has, unfortuantely, to remain unnamed). They didn’t know it was called off. I guess, now, however, I have to sit […]

03 Jun

The problem?

of not having a Holy Union (regardless of whether or not it is recognized by the Commonwealth of Satan Virginia) is that I never get to have people buy me any of my china pattern. All things considered, the prices are very reasonable. 🙂 Maybe I can have that yard sale after all.

27 May

Never Will I Marry

You know, I was just looking at a program for a wedding that happened back in June of 2001. I really feel like life has cheated me because I’ll never have the joy (and jitters) of experiencing that. No flower arrangements. No cake. No soloist that makes me look at my partner with everlasting love […]

06 May

And that…

….replied the Cat in the Hat, is that. Forget fetes, forget bashes, forget outfits and well-wishers. The other half says if it were to happen, it would be very low key. Why bother then? Why even go through the process to not have anyone know? So, I’m not pushing anymore. I’m not even thinking about […]

22 Apr


So, boys and girls, don’t look for anything to happen this year. Possibly not next. Why? Well, Tink, PR and I were in the living room last night, and I said something in passing that required a response from PR. My take was that I had been stonewalled. Basically ignored. Tink’s take was: you definitely […]

19 Apr

When One Gets Cold Feet

I’m not saying my partner has cold feet, but I’m not going to say that they don’t. I’m not pushing the issue, because saying “Yes” was a big enough issue, but…. I think the added attention of everyone saying congratulations (cards in the mail, etc) ended up being a bit overwhelming for them. It’s a […]

16 Apr

The Top 8 Signs Your Professor Hates the Job

Thanks to Tink for passing this on. 8> Her remarks on your papers look to be written in blood, and they all consist of hexes and curses. 7> His prime teaching tool in “The History of the Cold War” is the episode of “South Park” where Cartman dressed as Hitler for Halloween. 6> In your […]

16 Apr

Can I get your opinion?

Before anyone reads anything into this, no, this is NOT the ring. But what is your impression of it?

16 Apr

Make It Stop! Make It Stop!

This thing has taken on a life of its own! Seems that in the last 24 hours (mind you we haven’t set a date yet, but without us, the rings have been picked out, the flowers have been decided on, the reception location has been decided, the pastor supposedly has been contacted, a shower is […]

15 Apr

Jitters anyone?

Well, looks like I’m going to have to create a new category, “Holy Union/Holy Heck”. I’ve got jitters, and we haven’t even set a date yet. Or picked out the “offical ring” (mind you, we’ve had the five diamond/1 carat “unoffical” ring for almost 3 years). Who will be those who will stand up for […]

15 Apr

The Answer To The Question

Well, after everything that happened yesterday, I decided the time was indeed right for me to ask the question that had been burning in my heart. No, I didn?t have a diamond to present when I asked the question (no, I?m not cheap, but there?s already a 1 carat ring on that finger when we […]

14 Apr

Holy Union? Holy Heck!

Tonight, I’m going to ask a question. We’ll see what the response is. What causes someone to know if it’s the right time to propose?

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