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11 Aug


I went to dinner tonight. In a pair of 34″ waist jeans. So, in 4.5 months, I’ve lost about 10″ from my waist. 2 more inches to go. Woo Hoo!!!

22 Jul

The Outtakes

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Thanks to Tink for shooting the outtakes.

22 Jul

TWTTEOSB 07-22-07

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, gentle readers of the Ramblings. Oh, sure, it’s now 3:29pm in the afternoon, but you know what? Time is irrelavant. I’ve learned that while we think of things (and time) moving in a linear path, it’s rarely that simple. As such, I feel the […]

19 Jul

Historical Perspective

Bingo! This I can see. Realizing I’d had my photo taken in the shirt I wore to work today, previously, I had it repeated. Lo, and there was great rejoicing in my heart as I, without being struck by a cluestick, finally observed what others have been getting tired of telling me. (Isn’t that right, […]

17 Jul

More Historical Perspective

May – July. Same Shirt, different tie. Not sure I can see too much of a difference. What do you think?

09 Jul

Another historical perspective.

July 8, 2007 My greatest fear is revealed (even more than being alone). Being photographed from the side. Body For Life is working. Go me!

28 Jun


That’s the number of pounds I need to lose — 1.1, to be below 220 for the first time in nearly seven years. All without the help of weight loss pills, laxatives, enemas, or barfing my brains out. Pray for me. This is an important milestone for me, at least psychologically.

27 Jun

Well, it’s a difference.

Three month check up. Left picture, taken March 25, 2007, where I weighed in at (shudder) 270, with a 42 inch waist. The photo on the right, taken June 24, 2007, when I weighed in at 223, and have a 37 inch waist. 3 months down, 47 pounds gone, 5 inches off my waist. Miles […]

18 Jun

Weekly progress picture (6/18/07)

Of course, I need to shave, but… it’s continuing to work!

14 Jun

Historical Perspective

Rejected Title: Hysterical Perspective A self-shot, cropped just for the face. More people noticing that I’m dropping weight, and wanting in on the deal. No quick fix here folks. Pounds sure are easy to pile on, and they’re an absolute bitch to take off. It takes a good deal of will-power to say no to […]

29 May

A visual comparison

The photo on the left is from August 23, 2006, before I was at my heaviest (believe it or not), the one on the right from this past Sunday: While I have a problem seeing the minute changes from week to week, this is rather dramatic to me. I hit my heaviest in March 2007: […]

29 May

Historical Perspective

Here I am on May 27: and the new hat I bought myself yesterday (well, the embroidery part of it):

17 May

Why I have problems with the “BMI”

That’s the Body Mass Index. My problem? I’m six feet tall. According to BMI, I should weigh somewhere between 137 and 184 to be considered healthy. 137? Excuse me! I didn’t know that being considered “healthy” would also mean I’d have to look like I was a famine victim. Those who remember seeing me at […]

16 May

Photo Update

On what I look like today…

30 Apr

As promised

The weekly photo of me. You may not be interested, but I’m doing it so I have a visual history of my journey.

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