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31 Jul

Thursday’s Top 10 List

Best Foods for A Thursday 10. Potato-Crusted Pork Loin from Red Fish Grill, New Orleans 9. Bojangles Steak Biscuits (though on Tuesdays they’re 79 cents) 8. Chicken Cordon Bleu from Tripps 7. Wendy’s Single with Cheese 6. McDonalds French Fries 5. Hormel’s Ready Dinners (except Meatloaf) 4. Roxette Bunny™’s favorite: CARROTS! 3. Fresh boiled corn […]

29 Jul

The Return of The LIST

It’s Tuesday, I’ve been back in town for 24 hours, and now it’s time for the Top 10 list of reasons I’m glad I don’t live in Ohio (apologies in advance to the family): 10. No Internet Connection locally. If I wanted to sign up for Road Runner at 49.99 a month, they’d gladly have […]

23 Jul

Things I’d Rather Not Think of

Here are some things I’d rather not think of, but since I have, you should too. 10. Rigor Mortis Tortoise with a side of twice-mashed. 9. Delta Burke, “The New Body of Victoria’s Secret” (now that’s a BIG secret) 8. Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Martika and Tommy Page form a new pop group “Once Upon A […]

21 Jul

Today’s List by MEEEEEEEEEE!

Silver Blue’s asked me to do today’s top 10 list, so here goes: Fun things on a Monday: 10. Blue Bunny Ice Cream 9. Ice Cold Pepsi 8. Warm Toll House Cookies 7. The Funnies Section 6. Cyndi Lauper singing “She Bop” 5. Mardi Gras Beads in Silver and Blue 4. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Air Conditioning […]

18 Jul

Best of List for Friday, 7/18

10. Finally, the weekend has arrived. 9. Chilled Wine. 8. Doumar’s Limeade with Sherbert 7. Chocolate of every sort and type. 6. That I’m not a Furby™ 5. That the lawn service has done such a good job on my lawn. 4. Roxette Bunny™! 3. The icemaker is going full-tilt for those frozen beverages that […]

16 Jul

Wednesday’s List

The Best Of List for 7/16 — Things that made me happy 10. Getting Tink a bike for $30. 9. It’s Payday! 8. Kylie Minogue MP3s. 7. Plaza Azteca’s Nachos Super. 6. Strawberries & Cream. 5. My parents whom I love very much. 4. Roxette Bunny™! 3. Software that worked right the first time I […]

15 Jul

Tuesday’s Best Of

Things that have brought me joy today: 10. Dr. Laurie Henry and the story of the Chinese Prison 9. Mr. John Keeling and the story of 100. 8. Dr. David Cook and the story of the Dying Hard Drive. 7. Ms. Carlisa Merritt and the story of the Texas Trip. 6. Mr. Bruce Seifert and […]

12 Jul

List for a Saturday while at a Jewelers

10. Sapphire Rings 9. Platinum Bands 8. Antique Pendants 7. Broadband Internet Connections 6. Large Rubies 5. 14K Gold Settings 4. Roxette Bunny™ 3. Natural Emeralds 2. Figaro Chains 1. DIAMOND SOLITAIRES.

11 Jul

SilverBlue’s Top 10 List for Friday 7/11

No, Roxette Bunny™ is not a food item. She belongs on THIS list. Things that make me happy on a Friday. 10. The fact that it’s the end of the workweek. 9. 80’s Music, pumped LOUD. 8. Cup O Noodles (even if the salt content is HIGH) 7. Coworkers who make me smile. 6. Coworkers […]

11 Jul

Top 10 Offending Foods

According to MSN Money, the Top 10 offending foods for the morning commute (most likely to cause an accident) were: 10. Coffee. It always finds a way out of the cup. 9. Hot soup. Many people drink it like coffee. Same effects. 8. Tacos. “A food that can disassemble itself without much help, leaving your […]

10 Jul

Thursday’s List

10. Chocolate 9. Bojangle’s Chicken 8. Spell Checkers 7. Digital Cameras 6. Sperry Top-Siders™ 5. Mach-3 Razors 4. Roxette Bunny™ 3. E-mail 2. MP3s 1. Cooling Rain to reduce humidity

09 Jul

Things To Be Thankful on a Wednesday

10. America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave 9. Buffy, Dawson’s Creek, and Felicity have all been cancelled. 8. Cher is retiring from touring. 7. Michael Savage was fired from MSNBC for wearing an unfashionable asshat. 6. Rosanne Barr isn’t a thong model. 5. Blue and Silver go so well together. 4. Roxette […]

07 Jul

Monday’s List!

10 things to be thankful for this scortching monday: 10. I didn’t suffer alcohol poisoning in New Orleans. 9. Tropical Storm Bill didn’t cause any damage in this area. 8. That I don’t live in New Orleans, or I’d be broke from drinking. 7. That my job welcomed me back, and wasn’t too over powering […]

27 Jun

Friday’s Things to be Thankful For List

10. Ice Cold Brita Filtered Water 9. The chance of scattered showers to dispell the ozone problem 8. Bose MediaMate Speakers in Indigo Blue & Silver 7. Ebay for awesome (and cheap) jewelry auctions 6. Extended walks down Memory Lane until 1 a.m. with a great friend 5. DVD-RWs that hold 2 weeks worth of […]

26 Jun

6/26’s List

An absolutely glorious day, even if it’s a scortcher. Today’s list of things to be thankful for: 10. Air Conditioning that works 9. A record 6th day of sunshine in a row 8. MP3s from the 80s. (Didn’t realize so much of my CD collection was dedicated to that decade!) 7. Vacation in three days! […]

24 Jun

Tuesday’s List

Thigns that make today GREAT. 10. Sunshine for the 4th day in a row! 9. Knowing I cut HHA last night and won’t have to for a while 8. An unexpected bonus from work 7. Roommates who make good chicken pasta salad 6. Ebay packages that arrive from overseas intact in in perfect condition 5. […]

23 Jun

Monday’s List of Things To Be Thankful For

10. This only happens once a week 9. The fact my brain is functioning after a day at the OBX 8. The fact that I’m not you. 🙂 7. Nachos Supreme from Plaza Azteca 6. MP3s 5. This coming weekend I go to New Orleans 4. Roxette Bunny 3. The love I have for people, […]

21 Jun

Saturday’s List

Things that have made today worthwhile: 10. Sunshine 9. Hormel Ready-Cooked Meals 8. New neighbours moving in who seem to be MUCH better than the previous stick in the mud idiots. 7. “Hot Donuts Now” from Krispe Kreme 6. Great Deals on Cherished Teddies 5. e-bay, where you can scoop up some great deals 4. […]

16 Jun

Things On A Monday That Give Pleasure

1. It’s Payday 2. Good Strong Coffee 3. Decent food, not the cafe junk 4. Roxette Bunny 5. The fact that SOMEWHERE it’s not raining 6. The fact that you’re taking time to read my ramblings.

12 Jun

Good Things In Life

Thought maybe it was time to list the top 10 things that make life good: 10. Chocolate 9. Ruth’s Chris Steak House 8. Music 7. Computers 6. Redecorating the Shenandoah Forester 5. Shopping Excursions 4. Roxette Bunny 3. Friends 2. Being In Love 1. Family

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