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23 Jul

Fortune Cookie, Part Deux

Tink’s cookie said: “To find ourselves, we must first lose ourselves.” Where am I? Who am I? I think I’m on the road to enlightenment. 🙂

23 Jul

Today’s Fortune Cookie

“There are three things in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning.”

19 Jul

1001 Days Progress

Click for details.

16 Jan

Get your thinking caps out…

cos it’s almost time to start nominating for the 2007 ROSB Blog Awards. I’ll be announcing the categories and taking nominations. Then, we open up for 14 days of voting. I’m really hoping this year will be different from years past and that we have a great turn out, not only for noms, but for […]

14 Jul

Life is a Meme.

Or sumpin’ like that. Taken from Lachlan’s.

06 Feb

My Vote for Best Superbowl Commercial?

Easy. It goes to Budweiser, for their commercial featuring the Clydesdale foal who wants to be grown up and puts itsself in the harness to pull the beer wagon (and does — unbeknownst to it, to older Clydes are pushing it from the rear with their heads). The keeper of the horses says to the […]

03 Feb

Theme Update. Plus something else…

I’m looking for something in blue (shock!) to give ye olde blog an overhaul. Has anyone seen any good templates (in blue, or in colours that I can change that looks good in blue)? Maybe it’s time to go over to the WP2.0 Theme challenge and see what’s going on there. How’s your Friday going? […]

28 Nov

Ponder me this

Think about them one at a time BEFORE going on to the next one… IT DOES MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, especially the thought at the end. 1. Falling in love. 2. Laughing so hard your face hurts. 3. A hot shower. 4. No lines at the supermarket 5. A special glance. 6. Getting mail 7. […]

15 May

Greatest Hits.

Silver Blue style. 1. Most Painful Recent “Goodbye”. 2. Most haunting tune of the past year. 3. Most funny off-colour joke. 4. Most honest final thought. and 5. Most decorated post.

12 May

Fritz does it one more time.

Knowing how I love Kylie Minogue, Fritz decided to camp it up…

12 May

Here We Go!!!

Here’s four backgrounds: And a number of great banners: (All images courtesy of Fritz, of “On The Fritz“>

04 Dec

There’s A Few Things To Be Thankful For

10. The fact that the first snow of the season is supposed to be this weekend. 9. Even though I don’t currently have a furnace, we’re keeping the house from freezing using gas logs and the range. 8. My party will be on Saturday! 7. We have all three trees up and decorated. 6. People […]

28 Oct

10 Things That Can Mess Up Your Day

10. Forgetting your wallet when you leave the house. 9. Receiving a package from someone in your past with no explaination as to why they felt it necessary to pop back up after so long. 8. Cold Coffee. 7. Spilling said cold coffee down your shirt. 6. Software upgrades. 5. People who shouldn’t have computers […]

15 Oct

The Return of the List!

Things on a wednesday to take note of: 10. Talking Air Freshner devices do NOT belong in tile-lined bathrooms. 9. Stupid people shouldn’t breed. 8. There’s too much month left at the end of the paycheck. 7. Customer Service stinks unless you can get a living person on the phone. 6. Elvis has left the […]

10 Oct

20 Things That Will Never Happen

1. I’ll never have dinner with Catherine Zeta-Jones. 2. Liza Minnelli will NOT be singing at my funeral. 3. I’ll never be able to dorkslap Bill Clinton for that Monica incident. 4. I’ll never be able to tell Donald Rumsfeld and Tom Ridge to put a cork in it. 5. I’ll never get a “MerryMaid” […]

23 Sep

Questions of the Day are:

10. Will UPS deliver my computer today? 9. (IF they do) How will I survive it being there and no power? 8. Why is Nero Version 6 such a piece of crap software? And their tech support is non-existent? 7. What’s for dinner? 6. When will we get power back? 5. Will I have phone […]

22 Sep

Top 10 List

Seems that Roxette Bunny™ has beat me to the punch regarding the Top 10 list, so I humbly bow to her post.

09 Sep

Come One, Come All

Reasons Today is a Good One 10. I wasn’t involved in any of the accidents this morning. 9. Chocolate Snickers Bites. 8. Going shopping this evening after doing some computer work. 7. I found an XP machine to run an old DOS storm tracker on. 6. You for reading my blog. 5. I’m going out […]

29 Aug

Top Ten Ways To Know You….

….contracted a computer virus. 10. CNN is published in Russian. 9. Every URL directs you to www.munkey.com 8. That coughing, wheezing sound from the power supply. 7. Your hands fuse to the keyboard. 6. Your pet looks at you and goes “where would you like to go today?” 5. You actually buy stock in Microsoft. […]

26 Aug

I’m BAAACK with today’s Top 10 List

Hi, Roxette Bunny™ here with today’s top 10 list. Top 10 reasons Silver Blue’s blog is better than mine. 10. It’s not hosted on blogspot (even though mine is free). 9. He’s got all these nifty pictures. 8. I don’t have to pay someone to scratch my ears here. 7. Free Carrots. Need I say […]

13 Aug

Things that Bring Joy on a Wednesday

10. Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits 9. Closing on the House tomorrow 8. The fact I didn’t get smashed with the LovSan virus 7. Cleaning up and out the Shenandoah Forester 6. No Rain for almost 24 hours! 5. Hazelnut Coffee with Vanilla Creamer 4. Roxette Bunny™! 3. Mike & Wanda who are down visiting 2. […]

05 Aug

Top 10 Rules of the Road

10. You must be able to see over the steering wheel without a booster seat. 9. Your radio should only be audible in YOUR vehicle. 8. Peeling out is a waste of IQ. 7. The smaller and more expensive the car, the smaller the genitalia. 6. Spinning hub caps are a waste of money. 5. […]

03 Aug

Top Ten List For 8/3

Top 10 Things That Simply Shouldn’t Exist 10. House Hunters on HGTV 9. PoloRandy’s Sister 8. Cottage Cheese 7. Iron Chef Clam Specials on Food Network 6. Phobias of any kind 5. “Friends” who lie and steal from you. 4. Roxette Bunny™’s Carrot Juice Smoothie recipe 3. Carob and/or Tofu 2. Liver as a Main […]

02 Aug

A top list for 8/2

Things that make me mad as hell on a Saturday: 10. Bill calling me a “mental midget” becuase I offered him a job as a boob-man. 9. People who can’t make change without cash registers showing them what change should be. 8. Aunts who don’t take the initiative to walk across the street and visit […]

01 Aug

Best of List for 8/1

Things that have made me happy today, a Friday. 10. Lunch from Dog-N-Burger (with far too much salt, but it was yummy!) 9. It was freakin payday! 8. I get my hair cut tonight. 7. I’m going to pick up the new living room tables tonight. 6. The “Holy See” has no power of ME. […]

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