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31 Aug

Words that describe my current state of being.


– Moreso than I’ve been in over 20 years.


– Saffyre needs rear tires. They’re large tires. They ain’t cheap.


– Thanks to a friend, I’m able to get the tires (and installation) for less than a third of what the dealership was wanting.


– This is a holiday weekend.


– Those who need to know, know why.

I promise I’ll try to write more over the weekend. There are certain things I can’t share, however, as they’re intensely personal to me. Know, however, but I’m not leaving you.

It may just be that Ramblings 5.0 is on the horizon.

One Response to “Words that describe my current state of being.”

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    Tink Says:

    and it was a payday too!! Doesn’t get better than a Friday of a 3 day weekend, with a payday!

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