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24 Aug

Some musical quotes of the day

“Deliver me, out of my sadness…
Deliver me, from all of the madness…
Deliver me, courage to guide me,
Deliver me, strength from inside me….
all of my life, I’ve been in hiding,
wishing there was someone just like you…” – Sarah Brightman

“So many years gone,
still… I remember.
How did I ever let my heart believe
in one who never gave enough to me?” – Olivia Newton-John

“I want Shakespear’s sonnets,
I want ooohs and ahhhs…
I want long stemmed roses in a Gucci vase,
and I want kisses that go on for days,
I want more than these things in so many ways…
I more relating, I want less debating,
I want all those things I’ve been waiting for…
So in case you’re listening,
if you want me, really want me, if you want me, I want more….” – Linda Eder

Just a trio of cutesy quotes to brighten your day. For no reason, really, other than they made me happy.

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