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24 Aug

Explaination to my absence

One a few of you readers of the ramblings have written me, wondering what’s going on since I’m not my normal rambling self.

Let me state, for the record: Nothing’s wrong. For once, I’m content. I feel good, about my situations, myself, and all that hoopla.

Remember that being content does not equal being complacent. I’m just learning to live in the moment and enjoy the abundance that the universe has always offered me, but that I’ve shunned because I didn’t think I deserved it.

Your deep thought of the day:

“In many shaman societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited or depressed, they would ask you one of four questions:

When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?

Where we stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul. Dancing, singing, storytelling and silence are the four universal healing selves.”

Angeles Arrien ~ Cultural anthropologist

One Response to “Explaination to my absence”

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    FencerScott Says:

    I like that quote! I’ll have to remember that in my work. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

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