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21 Aug

When the universe wants to communicate

…it usually finds a way to smack you in the head and make you listen.

Take today. I haven’t been able to keep any food down due to myriad reasons. So, I came home early from work, which I almost *never* do. Really. It takes me almost being on my deathbed to even consider going home.

But home I did travel. Tried to eat, lost it again.

Found the book that hit me in the head a while back (Living In The Light) and thought, I need to reread this and see what I can gleen from it.

Then, the universe decided I *WOULD* be reading it, if I wanted to or not. A matter of conveniently killing power to the neighborhood for four hours. I slept for about an hour of it (I awoke feeling better, and craving the rib tips from the local chinese restaurant. Which I will probably order, even if they make me sick.

It’s one of those days where I simply have to take care of myself and let the world deal with its own problems.

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