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17 Aug

Get inside my head for a minute.

This is one of those times when I actually invite you in. Normally, it’s stay at arms length or I bite. But seriously. Have you ever had one of those weeks where, for the most part, everything went better than you could have ever hoped (or prayed) for? This is one of those weeks. I […]

17 Aug

Music of the Night

One Heart Written by John Shanks, Kara DioGuardi Performed by Celine Dion One heart you are following… You can run And you can begin In a place Where you don’t fit in ‘Cause love will find a way When you’re down You can start again Turn around Anything you’re in Love will find a place […]

17 Aug

Happiness is an option

The title is from a Pet Shop Boys song. We haven’t been in Ramblings 4.0 too long, and while my postings haven’t been of epic length, there’s been plenty of changes going on behind the scenes — not just external to myself, but inside as well. It is not easy… I’m learning, I’m feeling my […]

17 Aug

Remember to always look on the bright side.

Being someone who lived in the darkness for far too long in my 38 years, I have to admit that having a more positive outlook on life takes some getting used to. The entire detox process is not easy, but very necessary if I ever intend on being whole and happy with whom I am. […]

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