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16 Aug

A way of centering and re-energizing

I’ve found a certain few meditation exercises that have helped center me in the last few days. I’m thankful to everyone who has sent me their suggestions. Much love to those who have sent the same my way. Your help has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. 🙂

16 Aug

Yeah, I’m absolutely positive

I’m tired. Very tired. Not from being up and online chatting with friends either. I’m the kind of tired that only happens when one has to sit in the Emergency Room. Remember what I wrote in my last entry about someone tossing cookies? It got worse until PR woke me up at 1:20, begging me […]

16 Aug

Late Night with Silver Blue

Well, let’s see. I made to to Go Diva!’s but due to a comedy of errors, her machine didn’t get hooked up tonight. That’s okay; she has to get a power strip, and we were waiting on the internet to be connected, so it’s all good. It was great seeing Picture Lady and Household Name […]

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