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04 Aug

With my morning cawfee…™

Howdy y’all. The weekend is here, my coffee is hot, fresh, and delicious.

Some shoutouts (in alphabetical order) this morning:

Angel With A Camera: You are missed, terribly. The way you could always make me smile is something that can’t be replaced. Say hello to Ice Queen’s Lady In Waiting for me, please.

Anita: Keep it going. Love your blog, love reliving my youth through memories of retail days gone by.

Bonecollector: Miss you, miss your funny posts. Hope everything goes well with your dad’s surgery on Monday.

Chef Jules: I must remember never to visit your blog when I’m hungry. I am tempted to overindulge when I cook when I do.

Coffeemate: It takes time to read everything and not accidentally delete anything! Besides, I forgot before I left that I set up mail rules to put messages in different folders, and was wondering where some things were that were said to have been emailed to me. Sheesh! Whodathunkit?

Ice Queen’s Lady in Waiting: Enjoy your vacation. Say hi to Angel With A Camera for me.

Moonglow: Keep the jokes coming.

Picture Lady & Household Name: Travel safely. I look forward to getting together when you return.

Pisco: Remember to pay it forward. Good things are coming your way, and I want you to be happy and ready to receive your blessings!

Tink: We really must buy a book of new material and beat dork to death with it. Years after years of the same “comedy” routines is tiresome, don’t you agree?

Venomous Kate: Thanks for the link.


The first of the twerps they caught for breaking into my parents house had their trial on Thursday. (There actually were five; they only caught three.) A 13 year old with a rap sheet numerous pages long, dating back to 2002/03. Where the hell have his parents been?

Anyway, they found him guilty, but let’s face it. I really doesn’t matter, does it? If they’ve got a rap sheet that long, at 13, what are they going to do to him? Better yet, if his rap sheet is that long at 13, why the hell was he out on the streets to begin with?

The ‘rents are going to press charges against the parents in this case as well. If you can’t take care of your offspring, don’t effin pump them out. Don’t give me that shit about, “Oh, he’s only 13, he doesn’t know better.” It’s time that people quit blaming others and take responsibility for their own actions. The parents failed the child by not raising him better. The child failed himself by being a thieving ass. I think in this case, since the death penalty is frowned upon in larceny cases, the kid should be lobotomized. What’s the difference between being a useless member of society and a useless member of society? He’s going to end up in jail anyway, being supported by taxpayers. Why not scramble his brains, give him a side of hash browns and toast, and put his worthless, useless butt in an assisted living home for those with disabilities? At least the chances he’ll end up violent after having his brain (if they can find it) pureed is less than if he stays on the street.

I’m thinking, more and more seriously, about moving out of the area. Hampton Roads has run it’s course for me.

Speaking of things that don’t make sense to me: Once a relationship is over, why do some people insist on playing games? If you’re going to be an on line whore, or even if you just want to get on line and talk to people, that’s fine. The relationship is over! The last thing you need to do is lie about “oh, I don’t go on line anymore” and “I haven’t been on line in forever.” Grow. From love.

Peace to you all people. Time for me to go to my happy place and then get my day going.

2 Responses to “With my morning cawfee…™”

  1. 1
    Angel with a camera Says:

    “Angel With A Camera: You are missed, terribly. The way you could always make me smile is something that can’t be replaced”

    -le sigh-

    I miss you too…..terribly. I NEED to catch up with you.

  2. 2
    Angel with a cameria Says:

    Hey you, I’ve thought about you often and wonder if you are ok. I tried searching for you on Facebook but had no such luck. If you get this message use my email to find me on FB. its under Stephanie Marie!!

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