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02 Aug

After hours with Silver Blue™

G’evening. I’m back. Unwinding, getting ready to have my final meal of the day, thinking back on the challenges that taking a vacation, no matter how short, can bring. Having the hard drive blow up really put a spanner in my works today…though…I would like to think that I made the best of the situation. […]

02 Aug

Much to say, no time to type

I was glad to get back to work today, as I do really like my job. What I didn’t like, hadn’t counted on, and really didn’t need to have happen was that my hard drive decided it no longer wanted to play with me. So, here I was, trying to finish three projects, sans PC. […]

02 Aug

With my morning cawfee…™

This is strange yet somewhat comforting to be blogging in the morning. To be “re-wried” (as it were). I head back to the office this morning, so that’s another layer of returning comfort I’ll be experiencing. More later. Mind is still a bit blank. 🙂

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