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01 Aug

Inside the mind of Silver Blue.

Good evening everyone. It’s good to be home again. I’ve finally started to unwind. I’ve received my book Kything: The Art of Spiritual Presence so I have some reading to do, just to see what, if any, good it can do me. There’s changes brewing inside of me — as I attempt to have faith […]

01 Aug

When I Was Trying To Keep My Spirits Up

When I was cowered in a corner with my iPod, I made the following playlist to attempt to elevate my emotions. A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix) – Celine Dion Affirmation – Savage Garden I Believe In You (Brad’s Big Bootleg Extended Mix) – Kylie Minogue Do You Wanna Go The Whole Way? – […]

01 Aug

Return. I. Think. I. (Maybe.)

Well. This has been a journey that was full of surprises, tears, hurt feelings, and the like. Sounds like any visit to family, doesn’t it? I learned that Nintendo’s Wii has a bowling game that will give you a full body workout if you let it. (Yes, my grandmother has a Wii.) I discovered that […]

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