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26 Jul

Now THAT’S Big Eats

26 Jul

Yummy Oriental Vegetable Soup

6 c. soy ginger stock (available from specialty markets, such as Trader Joe’s) 1 tbsp. light soy sauce 1/2 head bok choy sliced thin 4 scallions, diced 1/2 cup shredded carrots 1/2 lb. BBQ pork or Boston Butt or roasted chicken, sliced into thin strips, about 1″ long 1 tbsp. sesame seed oil Bring stock […]

26 Jul

Seeking enlightenment.

Silver Blue here (duh, right? Who’d you expect, Roxette Bunny™?) with series of questions: 1. If you meditate, do you use music, and if so, which artist/album do you recommend? 2. Do you have an preferred reading material when it comes to enlightenment? (I’m steering clear of the traditional Christian Theology at this point — […]

26 Jul

Just joking, of course.

I wish violence on no one. The photo was just too cute to pass up, however. Know that I love each of you in my own way.

26 Jul

You don’t listen, do you?

For the last time. You. Yes, you. You know who you are. Go away and leave us alone. Nobody wants you around.

26 Jul

With my morning cawfee…™

I’m sitting here with what may be my last cup of Wawa coffee in the morning for a week. (Well, ok, I’ll have a cup tomorrow morning, but I probably won’t be brewing it, having purchased it on the way to the airport.) There is much going on behind the scenes here at the Ramblings. […]

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