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23 Jul

Large Geebus

Ok, I hate being pumped for information. The last thing I am willing to do is share information about someone to someone else whom I don’t know at all. What have I gotten myself in the middle of? I wish you all a good night. Be kind to each other.

23 Jul

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Good evening. It’s time for brandy (blackberry), meditation (after I blog), and for me to not get caught up in the webs that other people weave. There’s a lot to think about tonight, and I’m still in a good, serene mood. Coffeemate (I know, you LOVE seeing your name appear on the blog!), thanks for […]

23 Jul

Moonglow’s Wisdom

Moonglow, whom many of you know as the purveyor of fine jokes you’ll often read here on the Ramblings sent me something I must share immediately (it’s in the comments section to Fortune Cookies, Part Deux). Her wisdom: Remember one thing…. Everyone dies, but not everyone LIVES! 🙂 ….. Y’all are just making me feel […]

23 Jul

New Beginnings

Dear readers: I’ve been formulating this post for most of the day; parts of it were written pre-“Piercing the Veil” from this morning. As you will see, the potential book title actually came from the following events. I’ve added a new category to the blog, one that I feel is very important to me. After […]

23 Jul

Fortune Cookie, Part Deux

Tink’s cookie said: “To find ourselves, we must first lose ourselves.” Where am I? Who am I? I think I’m on the road to enlightenment. 🙂

23 Jul

Food, to enjoy!

The photo that Food Network had online didn’t do even the tiniest bit of justice to this dish — so I decided to not include it.. I’m down with a migraine, so I won’t be cooking this today…but.. I can guarantee you it will be on the menu when I start cooking again in a […]

23 Jul

Today’s Fortune Cookie

“There are three things in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning.”

23 Jul

Piercing The Veil of Illusion

I’ve gone through numerous different potential names for the follow up to Through The Eyes of Silver Blue, including The Heart And Soul of Silver Blue If Music Downloading is Theft; Photography is Kidnapping And all this time, I thought… (which also is the name of another fiction book I’m working on with “Jonathan Gibson” […]

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