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19 Jul

Prayer request

If you pray, to whichever Deity you pray (or even if it’s just asking for help from a power higher than yourself), please remember my grandmother, Katie Cottle.

She turns 84 in December. She’s successfully battled melanoma (1984/85) and stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (1995). She went in for a routine colonoscopy this morning and had to be admitted to the hospital due to uncontrolled bleeding due to the test.

This is my only remaining grandparent, and I always go back to visit her in the summers (what I refer to as my “time out in the technology free zone”). I know enough to know that I have little effect, as one person, on the universe as a whole. But when there are many banded together, the positive flow of energy has healing properties. (Ok, so it sounds as if I’ve gone from Christian to New Age follower, but in all honesty, I’m merely a nomad attempting to discern enlightenment.)

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