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16 Jul

When music isn’t what you think it is.

I just received the Nouveau Riche “Pink Trash” album. Remember that Nouveau Riche started as Ulrich & Dominika (Dominika formerly being in Army of Lovers). They released two maxi singles: “Oh Lord” and “Hardcore Life”. Dominika left the band after “artistic differences” and the album (then called Glamour und Schmerz (loosely: Beauty and Pain)) was scrapped. Ulrich then brought Camilla on board.

The new NR album was retitled “Pink Trash” and a first single, “Angels” was released. (I have all three CD Maxis). While Ulrich’s voice is distinctive, it remained to be seen what Camilla would bring to the table, and if the first two singles would appear on the album.

The songs appear.

The hit versions, however, do not.

“Oh Lord” has been re-recorded, completely removing Dominika’s contributions, and in a way, making the song less of a listenable tune. “Hardcore Life” required less tampering — in fact, if you didn’t know where her voice was supposed to be in the chorus, you’d probably not miss it.

Christophe, my friend from France, sold me a copy of the limited edition Digi-Pack, which has the bonus track “In Private” (which seems to be a popular track to record these days, having been written for Dusty Springfield by Pet Shop Boys, then recorded by PSB and Elton John, and now on NR’s album, amongst others).

Overall, I’m very pleased with the purchase. The CD was released on a minor label (Pick-Up Records), so like Bosson’s latest CD, it’s more difficult to get in the states, even though normal import paths. Ebay and Skivhugget are about the only two ways (and in Bosson’s case, via a link on his own website).

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