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16 Jul

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Welcome back to Chef Jules. Good health to Bone Collector. Peace of mind to Pisco. Chocolate to Revog. (I know I’m going to get a lot of flack (especially from Tink) for not offering Chocolate to others.) Time for bed. Take care everyone.

16 Jul

A statement, and a start.

I. AM. SICK. OF. FOOD. NETWORK. Mind you, I still love the channel. But…WHY THE HELL are they running “The Next Food Network Star” marathon over and over and over and over and over (and OVER)? I. AM. OVAH. IT. We know it’s down to Amy and Rory. That’s fine. I don’t need to keep […]

16 Jul

When music isn’t what you think it is.

I just received the Nouveau Riche “Pink Trash” album. Remember that Nouveau Riche started as Ulrich & Dominika (Dominika formerly being in Army of Lovers). They released two maxi singles: “Oh Lord” and “Hardcore Life”. Dominika left the band after “artistic differences” and the album (then called Glamour und Schmerz (loosely: Beauty and Pain)) was […]

16 Jul

A Taste of Today™

First off, Thank You Coffeemate. You were the only one who sent me a photo like I asked. I, too, <3 Prosciutto and Brie, but at the prices of 22.99 and 11.99 a pound, I shall NEVAH complain about prices at Trader Joe’s, or the Fresh Market again. Next, allow me to give you the […]

16 Jul

On how life is…

9 Chickweed Lane, forwarded to me via Tink:

16 Jul

With my morning cawfee…™

Brunch, etc. There’s just so much to share, I don’t know where to begin. As I’ve been told, however, the best place to begin is at the beginning. This post will be photo intensive, and quite self-indulgent. Please humour me. First, I saw a bumper sticker that I haven’t mentioned. It said: “HUMAN KIND. Please […]

16 Jul

Back in Virginia…

…and thinking of what I want to say. I’m working on a post that includes some pictures from Gettysburg, but I can’t get my words to come out right, so those thoughts are going to have to wait until I can express myself clearly. How was your weekend? Hard to believe the summer is half […]

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