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14 Jul

Keep The Honourable Big Brother Watcher in your thoughts

He just received email that he mistakenly received notification he qualified for the next round on ADJ. Which means he didn’t qualify. He can appeal, but right now he’s bummed more than the streets of New York.

14 Jul

With my moring cawfee…™

Nothing like waking up to a cup of coffee with the birds chirping, a breeze blowing, and the temps a good 10 degrees off what I’m used to in Hampton Roads. Of course, this isn’t Gettysburg, proper. NeoEarth calls it “Mount Holly Springs”. Close enough for the likes of me. The important thing, computer-wise, is […]

14 Jul

Greetings from Gettysburg.

Arrived safely, no need for bail money (inside joke between Bonecollector and myself). More later, I’m sure. Leave tomorrow afternoon. Weather is beautiful.

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