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12 Jul

I couldn’t resist.

Music of the Evening. It’s an inside joke to me. And to a few certain people. 🙂 “Montreal” by Adam Ant Lay him down inside the car Boston en route, not too far Down another bleak highway Soothes the morning pain away What had passed the night before Room 1206 on the floor Beautiful, his […]

12 Jul

TWTTEOSB 07-12-07

Oh, this is not a good evening. I told you it was gonna get heavy; little did I know how heavy it was going to be. Dad & Mom’s house got broken into today. Fortunately, they caught the three underage hoodlums, and eventually Mom and Dad will get their stuff back. As it were, however, […]

12 Jul

Finally! An Answer.

You’ve been asked: What would Jesus do? Now we know! Thanks to Moonglow for passing on this timely message.

12 Jul

I’ve got a feeling

it’s gonna get heavy in here tonight. Just a warning, y’all. Lots of things running through my head that I need to try to catagorize and post. For once, I don’t think I’m going to self-censor. I’m going to just let it all go. Maybe then The funk i’m in, the hurt I feel, will […]

12 Jul

Music of the Afternoon

Get in Touch With Yourself by Swing Out Sister I can melt away your deepest pain Catch you out and give it back again I can fill your each and every hour Watching over you when no one’s there Standing still and motionless Getting closer to the edge You can hear the silent voices in […]

12 Jul

With my morning cawfee…™

An evening interrupted from rest, and a morning where I am feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck. Thanks to insomnia, the amount of rest that I’ve been able to get has been severely reduced. I’m still going in to work (it’s my Friday this week, after all). I need to mention a […]

12 Jul

Music of the (Late) Night

Summer Rain – Belinda Carlisle Whispering our goodbyes Waiting for a train I was dancing with my baby In the summer rain I can hear him saying Nothing will change Come dance with me baby In the summer rain I remember the rain on our skin And his kisses hotter than the Santa Ana winds […]

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