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10 Jul

After Hours with Silver Blue™

Good evening everyone! I’m in a very light mood this evening. Actually, I’ve got a feeling this evening that’s almost surreal; like I’m floating in a mist. No, I haven’t been drinking heavily, or dropping any sort of psychotic drugs. I’m just filled with an inner joy tonight that I can’t explain, nor do I […]

10 Jul

Stay Up Late. Make A Difference.

Blogathon 2007 approaches. I can’t participate again this year because I’ll be back visiting my grandmother, otherwise I would be. It’s for very worthy causes. I just need to determine who I’m going to support this year.

10 Jul

Some days posts come easily.

Other days, like today, it’s like hunting for the needle in the haystack. Tink stayed home, cos she’s not feeling well. I’ve told three people about Body For Life, because they were sure I was doing some sort of drugs to cause myself to lose the amount of weight that I have. No, no miracle […]

10 Jul

With my morning cawfee…™

Morning certainly comes early, doesn’t it? It seems like I barely went to sleep after last night’s Final Thought when the sun came peeking through my window letting me it know it’s time to get up-and-at-em. I’m a bit antsy this morning, and I really don’t know why. Ok, well, I do, but it’s really […]

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