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04 Jul

Can you count to 100?

I think I can. I decided I haven’t opened up ENOUGH on the blog, so I decided to gank this from Chef Jules.

1. I wear corrective lenses.
2. I hate wearing my glasses.
3. I’m blind without them, however.
4. I wish I were blue-eyed like my father.
5. I’m a southpaw.
6. My preferred alcohol is vodka.
7. Though I rarely drink.
8. I have a liquor shelf 15 feet long and 3 bottles deep.
9. I purchased less than 10% of the alcohol I own.
10. The rest has been given as gifts or as payment for helping solve computer problems.
11. I own over 15,000 CDs.
12. I like just some of just about every kind of music.
13. I own an three different types of MP3 players.
14. We have 4 laptops and 5 desktops in the house.
15. I have two room mates.
16. One’s a coworker.
17. The other is best undefined.
18. I don’t like letting people too close into my world.
19. Unless they are special to me.
20. Then I tend to give TMI.
21. I tend to spoil those I’m attracted to.
22. I like to cook.
23. I sleep with a stuffed blue bunny named Sebastian that my ex-fiance gave me when I considered myself worth of being relationship material.
24. Now that I’m losing weight again, my self esteem is returning.
25. One of Sebastian’s offspring, Roxette Bunny™ has been part of my life for five years.
26. She has her own blog, but doesn’t post often.
27. I have over 1,000 Cherished Teddies figurines. (Think Precious Moments, but as bears.)
28. I’ve done drag once.
29. I was Julia Child.
30. I rocked.
31. I sang until I was 7.
32. I didn’t sing again until I was 33.
33. I was told I was tone-deaf.
34. The truth is that no one explained that songs were written in “keys.”
35. People enjoy hearing me sing now.
36. I only maintain friendship with one of my ex’s.
37. You figure out which one.
38. I would rather suffer in silence than hurt someone’s feelings.
39. I love photography.
40. I’ve even published a book of my photography.
41. I have owned six different digital cameras.
42. My favourite television channels are HGTV and Food Network.
43. I frequently refer to Food Network as “porno for fat kids.”
44. I’m most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts.
45. I’ve gone commando once in my life.
46. I felt naughty.
47. REAL naughty.
48. I see my relatives once a year.
49. But talk to my parents daily.
50. I see them several times a week.
51. They’re the biggest believers in me.
52. My relationship with my parents was strained for 10 years due to my self-discovery path.
53. I own my own house.
54. I have closed on it five times.
55. I have owned a house with someone outside my family only once.
56. I will never do that again.
57. The feeling of not having a place to lay my head scares to shit out of me.
58. I love to cuddle with I sleep.
59. I’m excessively shy.
60. I’ve been to France, Spain, Italy, the Canary Islands, Toronto, and numerous states in the U.S.
61. I’ve lived in Virginia, Ohio, and South Carolina.
62. I would love to visit Australia.
63. I consider myself spiritual.
64. Sometimes it annoys me to be considered religious.
65. Those who think they “own” God, or have an “in” piss me off.
66. Those who think they’re “above” the Law also irritate me.
67. As do those who think they’re “owed” something just for existing.
68. My nickname (Silver Blue) is from a song by Swedish recording group Roxette.
69. The lyrics were going to included in my autobiography.
70. They weren’t, due to cost.
71. Hal Leonard Publishing wanted $100 for 50 copies of the book.
72. That was fine.
73. They also wanted two copies of the book.
74. The book was publish on demand.
75. And $60 each.
76. It has sold exactly two copies.
77. I own one of them.
78. I cut the lyrics out of the book because I knew it wouldn’t be cost efficient.
79. I’m a carnivore.
80. I’m losing weight via the Body For Life program.
81. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 270.
82. As of this morning, I’m down 53 pounds.
83. I’ve got a room mate who has attempted to sabotage me since day one.
84. My willpower has provided the strength to overcome that obstacle.
85. At 38, I’m still prone to serious crushes.
86. Most of my crush material have no clue.
87. I’ve been the victim of two stalkers in my life, 14 years apart.
88. I’ve never lived completely by myself for more than three months.
89. I have an affinity for silver, cobalt blue, royal purple, ruby red, and cut crystal.
90. I don’t particularly like diamonds.
91. I own over 14 carats of them however.
92. When I get dressed up, I wear most of them.
93. I think there are fewer things as entrancing as a nude body.
94. Except mine.
95. I have serious problems accepting my own body.
96. I think that making out (including foreplay) is highly underrated.
97. I prefer it to the actual act of sex.
98. I’m addicted to blogging as much as I am to music.
99. I’m a diehard PC man, but I’m learning an MacBook Pro to stay well rounded.
100. I’m through with lengthy self-indulgent memes for a while.
101. I’m somewhat of an overachiever if I think people will think more highly of me.
102. I hate talking to strangers on the phone.
103. I have had phone sex with strangers however.
104. I made sure to block my number before dialing.
105. Oops. There I go again, unable to count properly!

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    Chef Jules Says:

    Hey! I like the results of your gank. More commentary via email.

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