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04 Jul

Can you count to 100?

I think I can. I decided I haven’t opened up ENOUGH on the blog, so I decided to gank this from Chef Jules. 1. I wear corrective lenses. 2. I hate wearing my glasses. 3. I’m blind without them, however. 4. I wish I were blue-eyed like my father. 5. I’m a southpaw. 6. My […]

04 Jul

As seen on a bumper sticker

“Imagine how the United States would change if the President was a Black, Homeless woman with AIDS.”

04 Jul

With my morning cawfee…™

Happy Independence Day, for those who live in the US. Enjoy your Independence before the rest of your rights are trampled on and eliminated in the name of “Freedom” or “The War On Terror”. I hate insomnia. Let me say that loud and CLEAR. Actually, I was doing rather well last night, UNTIL. Yes, at […]

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