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28 Jun

One more thing

There’s a rant I have building about something I call Industrial Terrorism.

Of course, the government will claim this doesn’t occur, and that we need to focus on Homeland Security to keep America Safe.

I say we need to focus on it to keep America EMPLOYED. The government seems to be so worried about attacks on Americans from outside our borders, that no attention is paid to the number of companies that are shifting jobs out of America. It means less jobs for Americans, but it (surprise, surprise!) doesn’t mean that prices are going down, even though they’re using “cheaper” labor.

Every day I read of this company or that company that are shifting their production facilities to Europe or Asia because of cheaper labor, less intrusive oversight, or whatever.

What does the current Idiots in Charge say about this?

< cue crickets >

Between that, and the fact that Dick Cheney, the EFFIN Vice President, has decided that he’s not part of the Executive Branch and is therefore immune to certain requirements.

My GAWD. Can we please fast forward to a time when the government quits trying to pull a fast one on its own citizens? Oh wait. The end of the world will probably occur before that.

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