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27 Jun

Well, it’s a difference.

Three month check up. Left picture, taken March 25, 2007, where I weighed in at (shudder) 270, with a 42 inch waist. The photo on the right, taken June 24, 2007, when I weighed in at 223, and have a 37 inch waist. 3 months down, 47 pounds gone, 5 inches off my waist. Miles […]

27 Jun

With my morning cawfee…™

I’m alive, I didn’t forget about you, and yes, I haven’t given up blogging. Just a lot of stuff going on, schedules being revamped, and stuff like that. Not much to talk about; thanks for the couple of you who sent an email to make sure I was ok and hadn’t drowned. I haven’t; at […]

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