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23 Jun

TWTTEOSB 06-23-07

Well…. life’s not fair, and we learn to live with that. The idea is to not let it get you down. As they say: Cheer up…the chicken feels worse. It’s almost lunch time around here, but, I’ve a few things on my mind that need to be blogged. I remember being leaving my second real […]

23 Jun

Revog’s not gonna like it, but!

I just received my copy of Bosson’s latest CD, “Future’s gone tomorrow, Life is here Today” and, well, IT’S AUTOGRAPHED!

23 Jun

A Few Prayer Requests

Keep Bone Collector’s father in your prayers, as he is on his way back to the hospital (albeit this time to Sentara Leigh and not Chesapeake General) because of complications with his Gall Bladder. Pray for Eleanor because she really REALLY needs to find a different job. Her current supervisor is unbearable, and her love […]

23 Jun

With my morning cawfee…™

Yesterday ended up being busier than I could have thought about being. It was good, however, and the retail gods smiled upon me, allowing me to find a copy of the Digital Travel Photography Digital Field Guide brand new for $4.24. I’d run across a copy of the book about six months ago, but the […]

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