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16 Jun

Carnival time!

Well, I’ve done many things in my four years of blogging, from blogathons, to visual parody, but I’ve never EVER participated in a “Carnival” before.

Before now, that is. Welcome to the Carnival of the Recipes, hosted by Silver Blue! Since this is my first time, I’m not going to separate them out by category — after all, I asked for a “Wild Card” when it came to topics, which means that everyone was welcome to send in whatever they enjoyed cooking….and I’m not disappointed at all! I’ll even share a secret recipe of my own at the end.

Triticale, over at The Wheat/Rye Guy gives a fabulous recipe for Cashew Tuna Casserole. I’ll be the first to admit that the only Tuna Casserole recipe I’ve ever known (or tasted) is the one with the Lay’s potato chips crushed up on top. This one includes not only Cashews, but ramen! Perfect for those of us on a limited budget (in college, out of college, or just trying to make it day by day and keep all the bills paid!).

Shawn, over at Everything and Nothing has adapted a Sangria Cool Punch for a Hot Day (there’s also a listing for Mexican Sangria in the same post). Both of these recipes sound refreshing, but they come with a warning — if you drink too much, you may make the same mistake as Shawn and refer to me as a she. LOL. Still. I’m all about the Sangria, having first had it in Madrid in 1988 when I visited. Thanks for brining back many MANY wonderful MEMORIES!

Wee Wifey, at 2 Fat Leaders, donates much nutritional value for Artichokes along with ways to prepare them and a couple sauces to dip them in. Personally, I find clarified butter to work wonders, but I will be trying out that “Creamy Thai Dip.” Peanut Butter is ALWAYS a staple in the Silver Blue household.

Cehwiedel, over at Kneadle Work presents a recipe for Wheatless Chocolate Chip Cookies. How can one go wrong with chocolate chips? This recipe is great if you have someone who has a gluten allergy, and still needs to have that personal home baked taste. I’ll have to try this one out, as my experience with rice flour is limited at best.

Mama Squirrel, who blogs at Dewey’s Treehouse, gives us some Unexpected Chow Mein (also known as “beefless, green beanless, hoisinless beef-green bean-hoisin sauce stir fry”). I have some fond childhood memories of La Choy’s Chicken Chow Mein, that always came in two separate cans (the noodles were in the top can) and they were taped together. Mama’s recipe is vegetarian, and has loads of garlic (which is always a winner in my book), and actually sounds quite tasty. Of course, being the carnivore that I am, there will be meat added to mine…

Riannan from In The Headlights is speaking my language with her recipe for Lone Star Brisket. I’ve made brisket myriad ways, but never with chili sauce. This one sounds like a keeper — and since I am particularly fond of leftovers (the flavours tend to have a better chance to meld when left at least overnight in the fridge), I’m adding the ingredients to my shopping list for later in the week.

Chef Jules at Gourmet A Go-Go (who is next week’s gracious host as well!) has submitted a Refreshing Raspberry Semifreddo. This is a great dessert to make now that summer (and berry season) are upon us. Chef Jules also gets the golden spatula award for calling my blog Silver Ramblings, which might not be a bad change of pace! Anyway, regardless of which type of chocolate you use for this desert, it’s got the appperances of being a MAJOR WINNER. I just looked in my larder and behold, I have everything to make this decadent, cool dessert. I’m thinking that since tomorrow is my “Free Day”, I may just get in the kitchen and whip up one to take my Father tomorrow.

DHM, of The Common Room, is taking us back in time, almost 100 years, for a taste of Strawberry Shortcake (Circa 1911), along with variations for using raspberries and blackberries…and best of all, how to make the shortcake of yesteryear. Who says you have to use angel food (or pound) cake when now you’ve got the secret!

Expatriate Chef, who blogs at The Expatriate’s Kitchen, shares Frittering Away Some Time, offering up a way to get kids to eat their veggies — by making fritters out of them! Use up left over squash, etc. — or Mashed Sweet Potatoes! The Squash fritters are even health conscious, as they aren’t deep fried!

Elaine Vigneault opens Elaine Vigneault’s Diary and allows us to share a Simple Vegan Stirfry. While I’m not a fan of tofu, Elaine wins me over with substitutions: boca burger crumbles (which this carnivore cannot tell the difference between real meat and this substitute), seitan, cashews or even peanuts! Since I love stir-frys, I think I’ll have to try this for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

MC at Shibooya shares a couple Cooking Miracles, sharing a modification of an Avocado Burger, and the ever-so-decadent Dulce De Leche brownies. Argh! How can I possibly lose weight when food looks this good? (Yes, there’s photos of both the burger and the brownies.) Lead me not into temptation…. at least, not without a plate and a fork!

Suzanne has Adventures in Daily Living, and gives us some wonderful Shortbread Cutouts. Since she tells us not to think about the cup of butter that is in the recipe, I won’t think of the chocolate these will be drizzled with, the frosting which will coat them, and the smiles that will be on the faces of my guests of my next party!

Mama Duck who blogs at Lil Duck Duck gives us inspiration with Food Ideas for a Luau Party — no poi here! What we do have, however, is some great ideas for Fruity Pineapple Boats with Creamy Lemon Dip, Hawaiian Ambrosia, Punch for Kids, and directions on how to make a Watermelon Basket! Being that my parents just took an early 39th wedding anniversary trip to the big island and attended a luau, I was excited to forward on these to them so they can relive those memories anytime! Now all we need is some of the pineapple wine I hear they’re famous for in Hawai’i and we’ll be set!

Boomie at The Wastrel Show gives a recipe for us cost conscious folks: The $1.25 pizza! (And here I am thinking I was being frugal for buying my garlic/herb pizza dough at Trader Joe’s and making my own bruschetta!) If there’s one thing you need to know about the food I like, it’s that next to tasting good, it should be as inexpensive as possible.

Bill Austin from shares two great chicken recipes: Smoked Chicken Chowder (which at under 300 calories per serving, and less than 20% fat, make it just right for those of us who are health conscious!) and Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie. Since I’m (shock!) trying to eat less red meat these days, these two uses for chicken are welcome additions to my recipe collection.

Zenofeller keeps it real by giving us a tutorial on Deviled Eggs. I’ve never had Deviled Eggs with ham and olive, or with a mayo poured over the top. It sounds like a great mix of flavours, however. He also shares Spaghetti (Pomodori E Pollo), Gnocchi in Lemon Sauce, and finally, Oxtail Soup. (Warning that his main site at Zenofeller is most certainly NSFW.)

Gerry at Disease Proof gives us a Creamy Vegetable Almost Butter Soup. A word to the wise — if you’ve never had almond butter before, GET OUT AND GET SOME. Next to peanut butter and pecan butter, there’s little better in the world. This soup will fill you up and stick to your ribs.

Annette Berlin of Frugal Journey shares a yummy Taco Casserole (a recipe that’s been modified greatly from it’s original form, and these make some of the best dishes!) Gotta love those foods that give you all the flavour and not all the cost!

Amanda from Eat…and Be Merry shares a Creamy Asparagus Soup, which, next to roasting, has to be one of my favourite ways of enjoying asparagus.

Dexie, from forks.ca, the edible blog, sends us Crispy Hot Wings — you may never order take-out wings again! As you’re told, however, be sure to have plenty of napkins on hand, as these get messy!

Simple Cooking for 5 shares two great recipes: Smores (hint: look to see the shortcut on how easy these are to make!!) and Strawberry Pretzel Dessert. I remember having something similar when I worked for AB Industries, but this one sounds like it tastes superior!

Finally, Conan Stevens of Tall Actor/Huge Bodybuilder gives us a variety of High Protein/Low Fat Recipes –let’s face it. If it’s good enough for a 7′ 1/4″ tall actor and bodybuilder, how could it be bad for us little people?

Now, the recipe I promised:

Butterscotch Pie

5 tablespoons flour
1 cup brown sugar (packed)
3 tablespoons butter
2 egg yolks, beaten
2 cups milk, warmed
1 teaspoon vanilla (real, not imitation)
1 prepared, baked pie shell (from the freezer section is fine)
whipped cream (Coolwhip will work fine)

Mix flour and sugar together and place in a saucepan over low heat. Add milk, mixing well and stirring constantly. When thickened, pour 1/2 cup over beaten yolks (to temper) and stir well. Pour yolk mixture into pan and stir. Cool at low heat for 3 minutes, remove from cooktop, and stir in butter and vanilla. Turn out into a baked pie shell, and top with whipped cream.

Want to join in the festivities?

Follow the traveling Carnival of the Recipes and check out next week’s edition — themed “It’s Hip To Be Square” — Chef Jules over at Gourmet a Go Go. The Chef is looking for your favourite bar/square recipes!

To submit your recipe, e-mail recipe.carnival AT gmail.com by noon Central on Saturday, June 23. If you’d like to host a future edition of the Carnival, send an e-mail with the word “host” in the subject line to the same address.

7 Responses to “Carnival time!”

  1. 1
    Mama Squirrel Says:

    Thanks for hosting–I’ve linked! (mmm, butterscotch pie!)

  2. 2
    triticale Says:

    You got my identity seriously wrong up there. Trisha isn’t a likely name for a guy. Other than that, thanks for doing the carnival. I’ve done a few and know how much work it is.

    BTW, the wee wifey and I had artichokes today, and rather than making the Thai dip, tho it is tempting, we just used some little tubs of Ceasar salad dressing that I dragged home after yesterday’s local blog summit.

    From Silver Blue: That’s what I get for not having my glasses cleaned, my coffee strong, and for being a newbie. Regardless, I’ve now corrected it from Trisha to Triticale.

  3. 3
    Chef Jules Says:

    Mr. Silver Blue I want to thank you again for hosting and for being very kind in light of my faux pas! Your Buttersctch Pie sounds delish — I’m partial to anything Butterscotch. Everyone’s submissions sounds great, so much variety.

    Now…I’m sure Shawn’s ears must be burning. We must come up with a suitable retribution for her. I’ll go grab my platinum spatula right away.

    Have a great day!

    Chef Jules

  4. 4
    Kneadle Work Says:

    This Week’s Carnival of the Recipes is Up!…

    Hosted at Ramblings of Silver Blue.
    Here are the first three posts that made me click through:

    The first-click-through award goes to Chef Jules at Gourmet A-Go-Go for “Refreshing Raspberry Semifreddo” because I read through the ingredient…

  5. 5
    Maria Says:

    Great Carnival.Sounds good.Gourmet coffee at coffeebreakusa(dot)com adds to coffee and gifts

  6. 6
    MC Says:

    Thanks for including me! Great list of food and recipes!

  7. 7
    Carnival of Frugality #2–Frugal Journey Says:

    […] Carnival of the Recipes […]

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