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14 Jun

Historical Perspective

Rejected Title: Hysterical Perspective

A self-shot, cropped just for the face.


More people noticing that I’m dropping weight, and wanting in on the deal. No quick fix here folks. Pounds sure are easy to pile on, and they’re an absolute bitch to take off. It takes a good deal of will-power to say no to the old ways I used to eat. When I workout on the treadmill, bike, or at the gym when I really just want to sleep, play on the PC, or watch the tube. To make wise choices when selecting food, to not give in to “oh, it’s been a hard day, so I can afford to eat {whatever}”. 11 weeks almost under my belt. 44 pounds gone. God only knows how many pounds of fat converted to muscle. Inches lost all over, and more to go. Still shaking things up with the diet and exercise, so the body doesn’t become accustomed to any level of caloric intake or exercise routine.

Keep me in your prayers.

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